Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back in Action!

Well, in 48 hours I will be officially done with school FOREVER, and am happy to be returning my mostly full attention back to my hobby and blog. I have already started to unclog the pipe in regards to pushing through some trades and doing some more pack rips and box breaks, but I am obviously a long ways behind at this point.

I sent out a couple of packages this morning because I needed to go to the post office to spring bail for yet another envelope that was shorted on postage! I am not to upset about it because it gives me a reason to send some of my own packages out, but I just think its funny how people will always choose the low ball option on the postage machine ("oh...that DEFINITELY looks less than 1/4 inch thick....I think").

Having the great Mario go into retirement has caused ripples in the blogosphere and really goes to show just how difficult it is to keep plugging away, especially in the off season, and the result is blogs dying left and right. I definitely don't want to let that happen. Blogs help me decide what to purchase, and its my responsibility to put that type of material out for others as well, so I intend to keep on going with the blog on a more regular basis. I am going to come up with a few new features and maybe conjure up a contest or two. I have a week away in Hawaii to ponder all of this, so when I get back I should be ready to roll full time again.

In the meantime...I know that over the last couple of months I have had some discussions with several of you regarding some trades. I know I have offered some cards, and some have been offered to me, but honestly, over the last several months I could hardly remember my name some days...

So I ask you to please email me if we have talked about some form of trades. I will make a point to get to the post office by the end of this week and get the cards flowing again!


  1. You said you were going to give me all your relics... for free.

    Enjoy the vacation, sounds like you need it!

  2. Congrats on the end of school! Enjoy Hawaii.