Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mystery Random Package!

JD and I spent some quality time together yesterday sitting on the living room floor, watching the Sox lose another agonizing one run game, and opening up a package of several random packets of cards sent by David at Indians, Baseball Cards, and Random Wax

David has this great progam going called randomly random where all you do is leave your email contact, and he will send out a package of random number of packs of random cards. It sounded like a lot of fun (half the fun of collecting is the thrill of the unknown), so I decided to take a shot at it. I was beside myself, and beside that guy who was beside myself when I opened the mailbox, saw the magic key to the large package box, opened that up and found this inside...

The picture does not really do it justice, but this is one MASSIVE brown envelope. Inside were 11 individually wrapped packs of random cards, as David indicated, some for JD and some for me. Clearly David enjoys doing this, and the individual packages are a very nice touch. I showed the bounty to Jacoby...

JD's sights have locked on to target.....

and clearly he was as astounded as I when he saw the packets of treasure waiting to be opened! Lets take a look at some of the highlights (there are way too many absolutely fascinating cards to cover, so I will hit a few...)
First off, David was very kind to insert some "hits" into the package

These are both very nice relic cards. I am a huge fan of Turkey Red, and The second card is fantastic in that it features Petey from Montreal, through his 2004 Red Sox campaign. I don't know if David knew that I was a huge fan of that 2004 team, but this is a fantastic keepsake. Also, the stripes on these relics are very nice.

Boy Howdy! How about some country lovin from the (Stars?) of the country music industry.
Ah, the no name cards that I have seen in other posts. These are great, but I must admit that I am unsure who the middle card is. I have Boggs and Carter nailed, but who is the middle man?

Then we have a couple disgusting, and one...well, borderline inappropriate! I love the placement of the team name as well as the outline of the chew can in his pocket. Not a shining moment for UD.

Okay...a confession here that I hope does not come back to haunt me...I am terrified of ET. That movie scared the living daylights out of me as a kid, and I am certainly not very fond of it now. Ironic that some of these would show up! That scene where Elliott takes the flashlight out in the woods and peeks in the bushes to find a screaming ET, terrifying to no end....I do love reeses pieces though.

HA! Jim Harbaugh getting dragged across the field by Derrick Thomas. No football in sight! 15 yard penalty at minimum. I will take MAXIMUM pleasure passing this one on to my buddy Ben, who bleeds blue and orange.

But the absolute winner of the entire package (beside the Petey relic) goes to this man right here...

Greg Briley of the Seattle Mariner! Great hat, great glasses, great moustache, great curveball...Greg Briley, this Bud's for you.
David, thanks a lot for a enjoyable weekend of random wax ripping! You are truly one of the most giving people in the hobby, and it has been a pleasure getting to know you and your blog. If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to ask!


  1. What are the clues for the middle guy??

  2. i'll have to check...something about writing love letters or somethinerather.