Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Come Git your Fractors!

All Red Sox and Rookies go in there respective homes, but I have many refractors available in trade to you! I will go ahead and list them out with names. Please contact me and let me know if you are interested!

Nate McClouth - In Braves Uni...this refractor is slightly curled I guess due to packaging
Justin Morneau
Justin Upton
Kosuke Fukudome
Brian Roberts
Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Liriano
Glen Perkins
Yadier Molina
Roy Oswalt
Miguel Tejada
David Dejesus
Alex Gordon
James Shields - Blue Refracter #19/199

WBC Refractors

Nelson Cruz - Blue Refractor #45/199
Chenhao Li - Blue Refractor 129/199
Fu-Te-Ni - #465/500
Adrian Gonzalez - #456/500
Fei Feng - #484/500
Chi-Hung Cheng - 484-500


  1. I'm interested in the Nelson Cruz fractor....I'll email you.

  2. done. I will mark it as pending.