Monday, August 17, 2009

An Epic Post!

Oh YEAH! Tonight we are going to get a little bit geeky! Sure I also got a card of that Bob Uecker guy in the mail, but lets face it, We have just obtained a 30 year old secret vault of childhood memories! Actual wax pack! Here is the first of many images from this beauty!
You'll notice floating Star Wars Characters heads with little candies coming out of the. Upon unfolding it says " 9 candy-filled containers shaped like Star Wars Characters" and "Loaded with CANDY". Hmm, seems like a pez dispenser or something. I dont even remember seeing these as a kid. So how about that 30 year old gum??

Thar she be. Unfortunately it did not survive 30 years frozen in carbonite. Every ten minutes I dare my wife to eat it. I think the joke is wearing thin. Onto the cards.

First card is the dreaded AT-AT Walkers! These are without a doubt a major highlight from Empire. A beasty machine that can stand up to any kind of blaster fire, even that from and Ion cannon! Its a good thing that that rebel snowspeeders were loaded with harpoon cables. How totally fortunate was that! Designers of the snowspeeder get an A+ for weapons design. What else were they using the harpoons for?
You'll notice on the back of each card is a movie quote from the first two movies. I think I will annoy my wife with quote trivia next!

Ah Yoda, wise he is.

This is the best shot you'll get of the Falcon in this pack and Lando and his cronies come down the walkway on Bespin.

here is the equivalent of the O-Pee-Chee background mugshot.

Off to see Yoda...

More movie quotes...for these cards...

IG-88...failed to medal in the Millennium Falcon Sweepstakes. Loser.

The Iconic Yoda shot, and a movie facts for the next card...

Clearly Lucas was proud of his AT-AT.

My Guess is that the artwork card is the "hit"of this pack.

And of course what pack is complete without good ol R2.....

and stickers! I am a bit confused with the letters "Q" and "L"? hmm, either way these are heading right for my trapper keeper!

Well there you go! A few thoughts on this pack. I don't really "get" the orange sherbet, neopolitan borders. It does not really say "Star Wars Darkest Chapter" to me. Also for only getting one pack, I was a bit disappointed not to end up with a Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando, or even a Star Destroyer (hell, I would have taken a Tie-Fighter".
Regardless, this was a lot of fun to open up and really brought me back to the day. I may try for another pack from series 1 or 2 if I can get a decent price. Good times.

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