Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fun!

Well, another week has come and gone. Things have been awfully quiet on the blog front, and trade requests are pretty still as well, minus a few packages that I have going out this weekend. Being my first year of blogging, I don't know whether things start slowing down as football season draws near. For me, I am perfectly excited to blog about chrome, the upcoming Updates and Highlights, and apparently Topps is releasing a high numbers Heritage set (this one worries me a bit, since I am already struggling with the regular 2009 set as-is). My Turkey Red hunt will again take priority as Topps is releasing another 50 of those, so I feel that I have enough to keep me going for quite some time!

Nevertheless, it never hurts to post a non-baseball card related blog from time to time. After all, there are lots of other things in the world to talk about. I have noticed lately a few hockey posts are starting to pop up, but in reality I know nothing of the sport. I have been to a couple local games and look like a deer in headlights. It would help if Portland would get its act together and snag an NHL team for the Rose Garden arena. But for now I cannot even pretend to know the players...I don't know my Vladimir Lutchenko from
Vladamir Radchenko..."Their fueling their missiles!!!!"

or my Vityaz Chekhov from...

...Pavel Chekov.
So my wife and I came up with an idea for the blog today. I would like to get to know some of my readers better outside of our collecting likes and dislikes. So here is the question: If you could sit down and chill and have some drinks with three people and get to know them...who would it be? Stacy, Jacoby and I will take the lead...
Stacy's Picks

#1. Jon Bon Jovi. Jon Bon. Stacy's secret crush is not really much of a secret. Any television concert, or new album suddenly takes priority in our house. When I take the iPod to work, somehow some new Bon Jovi song appears in the shuffle. To his credit, I went with Stacy to a concert here a few years back and it actually was pretty entertaining, although the one song I really wanted to here "Blaze of Glory" was absent from the show. "Wanted Dead or Alive" was close enough though.

2. The crew from "Ace of Cakes". Can you imagine going to a workplace every day where you LOVE being there and what you do? Me either.

3. Big Papi. I think besides Johnny Damon and Jacoby Ellsbury, Big Papi is Stacy's favorite Red Sox. Big Ol Teddy Bear. Plus he is finding his swing at the right time this season.
Jacoby's picks (these are a bit subjective, but are based on how much he smiles when we pick out his diaper of the morning...the bigger the smile, the higher the ranking...)

1. Grover. JD Grins ear to ear when you pull a Grover diaper from the pack (I think he is a SP too).

2. Elmo. Damn Elmo. Kids just dig him though.

3. Cookie Monster. Again, big smile when the CM-Man is pulled. Is there any truth to the rumor of Sesame Street renaming Cookie Monster "Vegetable Monster"? Google it.

Mike's List

1. Quentin Tarantino - A very polarizing figure. You either love the guy or hate him. Personally I think he is a genius. His knowledge of pop culture, his ability to write memorable dialogue, his pacing of movie scenes, and his uncanny ability to unearth catchy tunes that we have never heard of is just unheard of. I started with "Pulp Fiction" then back to "Reservoir Dogs", and on from there. Inglorious Basterds is out this week and I will be there on dollar popcorn night next Tuesday. Cannot wait.

2. Dave Matthews. Dave has got to be the coolest cat out there. His fiddle man is right up there also. I love (most) of the DMB albums, but if you can make it to a live concert you are really in for an unforgettable experience. From the crazy jam sessions to the moments on spontaneous ramblings and sounds that Dave makes, I would love to tip back a few with Dave and try to figure that dude out.

3. Tom Hanks. I have been a Tom Hanks fan since "Big", and "Dragnet" and enjoy most all of his movie choices minus the "Da Vinci" films. I think I have always looked up to him because he seems remarkably down to earth for being so wildly popular, and has never let his status go to his head. I guess if there were really any Hollywood role models, then he is probably the guy. His "knock-knock" joke from "Catch Me If You Can" is probably one of the greatest lines of his career.
Alright, so lets hear your top three!


  1. I would sit down and have drinks with anyone, as long as they are buying!!! Grover may have been my top choice, but since that is taken, i will go with...
    1. Dave Chappelle
    2. Joe Maddon
    3. Stephen Colbert. If all 4 of us could sit down and have drinks at the same time, that would be even better!!!

  2. Stephen Colbert is cool. I liked Carrell when he was on Stewarts show.

  3. Hmmm, tough one. I'm not huge into movies or TV shows so I guess I'll stick to athletes.

    1. Derek Jeter... just for the crowd he'd attract.
    2. Darryl Strawberry
    3. Dan Patrick - the guy cracks me up.

  4. I had thought about Dan Patrick. If I could work for any show at ESPN, it would be his show. THAT would be an enjoyable way to spend a workday.

  5. My three would be:

    Jack Kirby - Comic book artist, known for Capt. America comic books.

    Vincent Van Gogh - Painter

    Bud Wilkinson - OU football coach in the '50's and '60's.

    I know I should pick some dudes from history, but these were the first three that came to mind.

  6. Nice on the Van Gogh. I have seen some of your artwork and you are very good. Artist crack me up in that they are never happy with there work! I have several paintings from college friends who hated them when I thought they were brilliant!

  7. 1. Ali
    2. Joe Paterno
    3. Hugh Hefner

    I didn't type out who each of these guys are and why they are faous because if you don't know already there is no hope for you anyway.

  8. also nice choices. Hef wrote me a letter the other day. He wanted 15 bucks from me. Who am I to turn down Hefner! He is even going to send me a gift! :)