Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dog Days of Collecting!

Man, it sure has been quiet around the blogosphere lately. Everybody must be trying to decipher this eBay posting. Either that, or you are all like me, the funding is running low, the product season is winding down, and football is just around the corner.

For me I just wrapped up my final?? box of chrome.
I say final?? because I had so much fun with it and am so happy with the autos I pulled, that I might just go one more box. It is fairly reasonably priced, but when you get to the point where you have 80% of the base set, you stand the chance of pulling massive doubles, which I often cannot move due to lack of interest. I am starting to get the impression that I am the only one chasing this set, and that is going to make it VERY difficult to complete. I can see people grabbing a few packs and pulling players from their favorite team. If you are one of these people, I urge you to consider me for the base cards that you don't want. Plus there is an excellent chance that I have some players from your squad in my doubles already.
Another one of my projects that is slowly stalling out after an amazing run is the Topps Heritage 2009.

In a matter of two weeks I was able to amass all but 80 or so of the base through trades, which is truly remarkable. Everybody has been really willing to help out and if anybody might still have some Heritage extras around, can you please take a quick look at my list and also see if I have some doubles I can send your direction!

Other random thoughts today:

Brett Favre......Seriously? Stop it.

Tommy Hanson - STUD! Forgot to sub him in the other day...DOH! He gets my ROY vote.

Steven Strasberg - Wow that was fun, wasn't it? I have Scott Boras-lash already. Nevertheless, I hope Strasberg has a draft pick card in the upcoming Updates and Highlights, and I hope he is ready to have the weight of the hundreds of Nats fans on his shoulders!

Clay Buccholz - I will pray for thee tonight against Halladay tonight

My Xbox360 - Took a dump on Saturday, Red Ring of repair, yay! 2-3 weeks, BOO! Come back healthy, I have me some Madden 09 to play (much cheaper to buy)!
Topps Company - Are you really going to make us wait until next June...really?
More posts later!


  1. I have also noticed the slow down around the blogosphere! I suppose it's understandable considering football (pro and college) are right around the corner. Or maybe everyone's tapped out from Allen & Ginter!

  2. shhhhhh! You're interupting my comment-less streak!