Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Is Your Elusive Treasure?

Being a hump day, and seeking a little audience participation, I thought today that I would throw out a little group exercise.

We all have cards that we will eternally seek out and most likely never get a hold of (at least for a reasonable price). These cards occasionally pop on eBay in all of their glory, and tease you that "maybe THIS time, it will be mine" only to watch in sad horror as the bids pile up and ultimately your card goes to the highest (and apparently more financially sound) bidder.

So I propose the question to you. What one card do you covet the most that has (to this day) eluded your grasp? Tell your story. Whether it be an original T206 or a 2009 Allen and Ginter Phelps Auto...which one card have you continually sought out, only to have all opportunities go up in flames?

For me, being a new(ish) collector, I wish that I had started collecting just a couple years earlier in order to give me the opportunity to snag a Tim Lincecum Autograph. That "TL" swoosh is a great looking auto, and to my dismay is even more valuable now that he has won a second consecutive Cy Young. I have mostly resigned to the fact that he will never be in my collection unless his stock takes a total dive some day.

While any ol Lincecum auto would be a nice add, there has always been one that has haunted me the most, that has now appeared on eBay FIVE times to try to tempt me (I swear it is the same card that is being continually sold, but I have no proof of those claims). Anyways, below is MY elusive card:
Ah! Two of my favorite phenom pitchers packaged on one beautiful card. Again, I have seen this card (there is also a variety #/25) listed at least five times and each time just gets away from me. The last night I made a pretty formidable max bid, only to lose in the final seconds. DOH!

So what card is you elusive treasure?


  1. Right now it's the 2009 Prince Fielder Goudey Graph. I want it. Badly. Lost out on two auctions on ebay and I haven't seen an auction for one in almost 3 months now.

    I think I also missed the boat on picking up and Joe Mauer autos. I kind of wish I had been back into collecting when people said he'd "never hit for power", etc. Sadly, I don't think I can afford most of those now. And might I say, that is a might fine Exquisite DS.

  2. Mine is any Ken Griffey, Jr auto. One day. One day...

  3. Old School here.

    1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold Ozzie Smith.

    That or a 1997 New Pinnacle Printing Plate of The Wizard.

  4. Way back in 95 or 96 I had a chance to purchase an autograph ball of some young kid for $20 or so from the Hall of Fame. It was by far the cheapest autograph for sale, but I passed, thinking "Who's ever heard of THAT guy, and why would someone waste $20 on a nobody??"

    I was 13 or 14, and 'that guy' was Derek Jeter... oops. So I guess I'd like a Jeter autograph, but other than that there's no one card I've GOT to have, as all of the iconic issues from my younger days are attainable for fairly cheap, like the UD Griffey rookie or the Billy Ripken "F#%$ Face" card.

  5. I always get outbid on original tobacco White Sox cards. One day, I'll find one at a price I can live with.

  6. I'd absolutely love a Randy Johnson autograph, but he doesn't sign much, and especially now that he's retired the price will stay high...

  7. The one I could NEVER afford: '52 Topps Mantle.

    The one that constantly alluded me WAS a 98 Red Crusade of Richard Hidalgo.

    Now...any of the Ryan Braun/Hunter Pence dual autos. those Brewers fans (and a few Pence fans) have some deep pockets.

  8. As a team collector I have to go with the highest priced Red Sox card (that I know of). So I'm going with a 1915 M101-5 Sporting News Babe Ruth.

    I could pick one up for a mere 40K+.

  9. That super shortprint variation of the 2008 Upper Deck Kosuke Fukudome rookie with the Japanese text. Also, likely much less expensive but never appearing on ebay anymore is his card from the Japanese Upper Deck set from 2001. That set has one of the best designs I've ever seen. Upper Deck's late-'90s/early-2000s ridiculous design greatness is no more evident than on that set.

  10. 1960 Topps Hank Aaron. '60 Topps is one of my favorite sets, Hank is one of my favorite players, and back in the late '80s it was sitting in a bargain bin for TWENTY FIVE CENTS and some rotten kid get to it before me. I still haven't tracked down that card.

  11. I am trying to complete the 2008 Goudey Graphs set. 3 cards have eluded me...Jeter, Fred Lynn, and Chad Billingsley.
    The Jeter was a redmption (and as one, the eBay bids go real high), the Lynn has not shown up anywhere that I can remember (I wonder if they ever made one), and the Billingsley was a late addition to the set.
    3 away from a beauty of a set.

  12. 1953 Satchell Paige... Mostly it has eluded me cuz of cost, but I have seen 5 times as many 52 Mantles in person compared to that Satch card...

  13. 1981 O-Pee-Chee No. 200 George Foster. This sis the last card I need for all Reds OPC cards from 1970 to 1992. I have never seen it offered in the two years I have been looking.

  14. Either the '56 Jackie Robinson or the '56 Sandy Koufax.