Friday, October 29, 2010

New feature...coming next week

what? You actually thought that I had the capacity to bust out a new feature today? Whoa now folks, I am recovering from a debilitating viral infection here...any creativity in my brain is currently covered in mood slime.

Actually though, I do have a bunch of scanning to do over the weekend and I will get some new stuff up right quick.

In the meantime, I did come up with an idea that I will give a trial run to see if it sticks or if it sucks.

Choose-your-own-adventure Friday.

I clearly have trouble sticking to just baseball cards in my postings, so I figured maybe I could let JD's followers help chart the course for my Friday efforts.

On Monday (or maybe Sunday...depends on how poorly my NFL picks are doing) I will post a survey at the top of the screen. I have to decide if it will choose specific topics or just subjects that you would like to see a blog about. Vote for your favorite and Oila! See the results on Friday.

Of course you could not vote at all and break my wee little heart. You control my fate!

But I don't want to cop out completely today. I did notice something of interest watching the World Series. I think that being in the big show allows for crazy new sets of cameras to broadcast angles and viewpoints that you would not normally see on a 162-game regular broadcast. One of the most stunning revelations I have seen is this... This is the view from WAY up in a plane or something of AT&T Park. I have always know that this stadium is just magnificent, BUT if you watched during the game between innings they would have some low, sweeping camera from just outside right field on the bay side and it is just jaw-dropping. Looking in from the Bay at the multi-tiered decks is quite the view. One of the questions that I had when I saw that was "Is that field below sea-level". How do they keep the water out?

Either way, I now have a much greater appreciation for all those boaters that choose to hang out there each night. New perspectives.

Alright. Have a weekend!

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  1. Stunning shot. Acutally, the short porch in right field gives the illusion that the field is below sea level. But field level is at ground level around it, about 10 feet above. It's level with the walkway between the right field stands and the water, where all those arches touch the ground.