Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trivia questions revealed!

Dyno Data
Q - Where have the oldest dinosaur remains been found?
A - The oldest dinosaur fossils have been found in South America--in Argentina and Brazil.
The more you know!
What's that?
You thought this was answers to the 2010 JD's Wildcode?
Okay, so I am just messing with you a little bit. I want to use today to open it up for more of your questions. I want to say that I am pretty impressed with the number of you that have muddled your way through the gauntlet. Several are getting really close to pay dirt.
So feel free to shoot me your questions. Note, if you are further along in the code, you might want to phrase you questions carefully so not to tip off your competitors!
For those not partaking in the code, feel free to fire any general questions my way as well. Lets have some fun!


  1. if an electric train is heading east at 65 km/h and a diesel locomotive led train is heading west at 80 km/h and they're 217 miles apart, how much wood can the woodchuck in the middle, chuck?

  2. What's a kilometer? Perhaps I could find the answer at the centre of the theatre?

  3. Where's Canada on the map? I can never find it.

    Also, if you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

  4. Canadia (pronounce it right, Joe) is located BETWEEN the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and is located somewhere North of Texas and South of the moon.

    Super power? I don't know if this would be considered a super power, but I wish that I had a photographic memory. That I could look at theorums and textbooks and just absorb everything I just saw. It would have freed up a lot more time for drunken college debochery.

  5. Canada's the rather large country to your north. We're the ones that when you annoyed us last, came and burned your White House to the ground. Then saved your asses in Normandy.

    We don't get mad often, but when we do, we kick ass.

  6. I can give you Joe's address if you need it Canuck, you can go burn down Qual-Com Stadium.

  7. So what (if any) significance is there between the trivia asked today and a certain member of the code group?

    Once you travel through Canada, what's the next stop on the map?

  8. There is absolutely no significance at all! I just had oatmeal, thats all.

    I completely understand your second question, but can't reference the answer at the moment. Check back later.

  9. I have SO read all those hot cereal trivia questions a dozen times. So, on what continents have dinosaur fossils been found?

  10. After traveling through Canada, I would go through the gateway.