Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And your Texas Rangers!

Back in the trenches for day 3 of the viral infection from hell (yes, it has been categorized that by my doctor...omitting the "hell" part of it". I woke up feeling like crap so I decided it would be nice to head out of the house for a few hours to diagnose my condition and get a Whopper meal. So today is chest pain (from coughing so much) and the more recent "stab-me-with-an-ice-pick headache. Although I must say that a 32 ounce Sprite seems to be working quite favorably on that. After this I am off to play some Call of Duty. Lets give them a headache of bullets.

I have been meaning to introduce the Rangers through cards though before tonight's big matchup. I am pretty excited about this series, I like the idea of a nice, close, strategic series. I challenge anybody who makes the ridiculous statements that the best teams are not in the World Series. Both of these teams won their divisions, both took down last year's beasts to get here. They deserve their moment.

Had to dig deep for some Rangers cards today...up here in the NW we don't speak Texas, ya'll.

2007 Strokes of Genius Cliff Lee

2007 Strokes of Genius Ian Kinsler (love this auto).

2009 T206 Michael Young. Tried to find his wacky O-Pee-Chee card to no avail. You know the one.

2009 T206 Josh Hamilton (Old Mill). he eats pieces of lumber for breakfast.

Elvis Andrus

Ron Washington
Enjoy game one!

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  1. Ron Washington...hahaha!

    Sent email on the code. Been wracking brain. Head hurts. Can't form full sentences.