Saturday, June 5, 2010

Draw is full!

Nice work to everybody for getting the draw for the World Cup competition filled up nice and flawlessly. All 32 spots have been filled and all the teams and corresponding readers are now located on the right side column of the blog. Each of you has three entries at this time and over the month you will have the chance to earn more. Stay tuned for some special "contests within the contest" where you will be able to earn additional entries for you chance at some (great?) prizes!

In the meantime, enjoy this

and then this!


  1. I guess Ivory Coast in the World Cup is marginally better than my draw of Ireland for the Winter Olympics!

  2. Awww man...had I gone with #28 instead of #6, we could have had Germany two times in a row! Go Korea DPR (not Korea Republic, which apparently is a separate team)!

  3. yeah, of the two remaining teams, one was a soccer powerhouse, the other a nuclear powerhouse. Luck of the draw.

  4. I can locate my country on a map. I consider that a major plus!

  5. I'm glad I just made it in. Pretty happy with Germany too. Your plan has worked cause now I will have to watch some of the games when I wasn,t planning to. Thanks for the contest.

  6. Portugal,mmm,not sure how good a draw that is,every world cup has to have a "group of death" and they got the short straw.
    Suppose Ill have to change the habits of a lifetime and cheer Ronaldo,prob good for my soul...