Sunday, May 30, 2010

McNuggets and A Topps Pack Sunday

Today Jacoby and I did a variation of the "Pizza and a Blaster". Our version?

Mcdonald's and a jumbo pack.
...and a box of 2008 Ginter.

First a review on the McDonalds chicken nuggets. I was almost embarrassed to try to feed some to Jacoby when I realized how chewy the outer crust was. I think this patch may have been sitting on the heat tray for quite some time. You take the crust off though and Oila! Healthy protein meal! I took one for the team and ate a good portion of the 20 nuggets. You will note on the box that "My handsome reward awaits". That reward? Heartburn.

Now on to the blaster pack itself. Turns out that Jacoby picked a winner! Below are a couple of the base cards.
Cool! A Kosuke "Abe in the grass" variation card!

I jumped back a little when I examined this card a little closer. Check out the cold, calculating stare of Yuniesky

Gives ya the willies, eh?
On to the hits of the package. I noticed right off that there was something different about this package when I hit two consecutive million card contest cards, then two peak performances. I wasn't expecting the next card...

Buster Posey 3D...something. I knew nothing of this insert set, but it is something different and always cool to get a Buster Posey.
Then something else cool showed up in the pack. Did you know that in order to make this...

you need this...

Cool! My first printing plate pull! I am glad that it is a team card and also a landscape shot to boot.
Not a bad little jumbo pack. I am still not in too much of a hurry to grab a box yet though. I think I will ride the wave awhile and see where the price goes first. this was fun though. I missed that mustardy topps ink smell...
I'll report back on the Ginter box soon. The toploader was Ryan Howard, so off to a good start!


  1. I know a lot of people are ho hum on printing plates, but I've never pulled one so I wouldn't complain. Nice jumbo.

  2. That's awesome! Nice pack of cards

  3. I need that Posey so go ahead and send it to me. Did you get any of those vintage legends on junk wax era cards?

  4. Then I'll take the Gehrig, too. For free. See ya!

  5. I actually just sent the whole pack your way, I am easily influenced!