Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh, there you are!

Papi Power!

Well, it was just about a week and a half ago when the Red Sox were just up-chucking a Papelbon induced loss to the Yankees, when the announcers brought up the daunting upcoming schedule for the Red Sox...Yankees, Twins, Phillies (in Philly), Tampa (In Tampa) and then OH MY GOD, look out for them Royals. Turns out that what was supposed to be yet another nail in the coffin of the Red Sox season (according to our beloved media) actually spun into a week point five of outstanding play and team contributions that spun itself into a nice 8 outta 9 game winning clip. I don't want to jump ahead of myself though with those Royals coming into Beantown tonight for a four game set.

Yep, left for dead, the Red Sox went into Tampa Bay and stunned the home crowd of 2,700 with a three game sweep. Beltre is swingin, Youk is swingin, Cameron is back patrolling center, and the Captain is back at the helm thanks to a nasty foul ball off the ol big toe of Martinez. Unfortunately, our local hero, Jacoby Ellsbury continues to ail thanks to his kick in the ribs last month, but Darnell McDonald has been up to the challenge and continues to perform well in the show.

And of course, you cannot add up the wins without the contributions of the Red Sox staff, which has really turned a corner (as was expected) and flirted with a couple no-hitters in the last week and some solid, solid ball. A salute to YOUR 2010 World Champion pitching staff...


Jon Lester

"Feats of Clay" Buchholz

Jon Lackey

Tim Wakefield
Keep cruisin', boys!


  1. I figured Lackey would be bad, but not this bad!

  2. Tough night last night, but man, what a swing! Went into Philly at .500, if I remember correctly.