Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Topps Peak Performers Keepers and Availables

continuing on with the great 2010 Topps inserts dump, here are the keepers for the Peak Performers series... Old school nine...
and new(ish) school nine.
I like this insert set quite a bit despite not being a fan of cut-and-paste images. I think that this set has chosen some pretty nice images of the players though and the back of the card gives a pretty decent tidbit about each of the players...excellent teaching material for Jacoby. Of course I can only keep one full page of each, so here are the availables...
Roy Halladay
Reggie Jackson
Raul Ibanez
Alfonso Soriano
Mark Teixeira
Vlad Guerrero
Grady Sizemore
Justin Morneau
Let me know if you find any of these of interest!


  1. I'll take none of them, thanks.

  2. Hey JD. Can you send me numbers on these and CYMTO to me at I am making the sets and would love to trade. I will try to get stuff together for you. Thanks.