Monday, May 24, 2010

CYMTO keepers and availables

It was really a no-brainer to want to keep two full pages of this subset. As a newer collector, this set has really given me the opportunity to see some of the greatest cards of the greatest players. Were these ever truly thrown out by your mother? Most likely not. Everybody knows that mom's are notorious for hanging on to anything and everything that you ever created or collected as a child (minus the Playboy stash...those can get thrown out...twice). My wife is already saving everything that Jacoby has ever created at daycare. Also the first pair of shoes, pajamas, lock of name it, mom's save it.
While I am happy with the 18 cards that I selected, there is still plenty to go around. Here are the CYMTO inserts available to you. Drop me an email or comment if you are interested in any of these for your collection!
Available: Manny Ramirez (2, including original back), Evan Longoria, Tony Gwynn (2, including original back), Kevin Youkilis, Howard/Hamels, Bo Jackson, Dustin Pedroia, Johnny Bench, Frank Thomas, Tim Lincecum, Alex Rodriguez, Carl Yastrzemski, Russell Martin, Ivan Rodriguez, Don Mattingly, Albert Pujols, Dwight Gooden.


  1. I could use the Longoria, Lincecum, and Mattingly

  2. Most kind of you to offer up these cards, my want-list for the series 1 stuff is huge, (I'm a new collector also), but in the interest of making sure everyone gets a shot... I'd be interested in Bo Jackson for sure. Let me know. (if interested, my wants are here still working on my haves, which isn't much) Thanks!

  3. My mom knew better than to throw out my cards - her brother has STILL never let his (and her) mom live down the fact that his cards were tossed!

    We just got our first pieces of art from daycare - one is a bunch of hand and foot prints, the other is a butterfly with paint everywhere. Good stuff!

  4. If you want to do some tradin' I have these needs, and doubles of most everything I have already.