Friday, June 4, 2010

And here we go! Contest time!

I gotta get me one of these! This is the official soccer ball of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Update 1:20 PM Pacific - Draw is full! Competition begins Friday. Good luck!

The name "JABULANI" originates from the indigenous language isiZulu, one of the eleven official languages of the Republic of South Africa, which is spoken by almost 25% of the population. Literally translated, "JABULANI" means "to celebrate". Football is a passion that unites the world. The name of the new match ball appropriately pays tribute to the passionate football celebration international fans will enjoy in South Africa next summer.

Welcome to JD's Wildcardz 2010 FIFA World Cup contest! Not everybody can be so nuts about the World Cup as myself, so I hope that entering the contest will help inspire you to check out some of the month-long competition, or at the very least make it a little more tolerable!

For those of you that took place in my Winter Olympic contest, the format of this contest will be very similar. Here is the format...

1. I have typed in the names of all 32 competing countries into and created a randomized list and assigned number 1-32 to each of the competing teams. Your job is simple. Choose a number! Please make sure to leave your comment in this post only so I can reference the list easily. Also, PLEASE make sure that your number has not already been taken. As I receive the numbers, I will create a list in the sidebar of my blog and assign you to your team!

2. How do you earn points (entries)? Just for signing up you get 3 entries. Then once the competition gets started your team will earn 3 entries for every win and one entry for every tie. Also, you will earn additional entries for every goal that your team scores. The big payoff is if your team makes the elimination round of 16. You will earn 5 bonus entries for making "the show" as well as continue to earn more entries for wins and goals as bracket play continues. The further your team goes, the more entries you can earn.

3. What are the entries for? Just like last competition, each entry will earn you one spot in a drawing. If you earn 15 entries, you will be entered in the list 15 times. Don't be discouraged if you don't pull a top-tier team. There was major parody in the Olympic competition! All it takes is one entry and you can win the Grand prize!

4. So what are those prizes, anyways? I will award 1st-3rd prizes based on the first three (non-repeated) names on the list. Prizes are as-of-yet undetermined, but I have the entire month to snag some goodies for you, so rest assured, it will be worth your time to...pick a number!

Easiest contest ever! Jump on in and get your team today!


  1. 14 please! Looking forward to the contest!

  2. I'll take number 9. 3+6, ya know.

  3. What the heck, I'll go with number 1.

  4. Alright I still got 20 today.

  5. 19 please! thanks for another fun contest!

  6. Can I have #29...

    Thanks for the contest.

  7. 26, young man. And be quick about it!

  8. 30,for mark from the uk

  9. Well, shucks. We're late to the party, but if no one's snagged #6, we'll take it!

  10. If 28 is still out there I will take it.