Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who needs Bowman?

Over the weekend, Jacoby, my wife and I participated in a charity walk with some of her family members. We have been doing this for years and each year is pretty much a carbon copy of the last. We walk, we eat hot dogs, and then we clean up on the raffle prizes. The big jackpot was two years ago when I walked away with the grand prize of a Traiger wood pellet BBQ!

This year there were a ton of baskets up for grabs and my wife and I bought a handful of tickets. Each of us hit again. The odds aren't overwhelming as there are probably only a few hundred tickets in the jar, but still we have pretty good luck. The wife got a basket that had a bunch of quilts, fluffy stuff, candy and games in it. An odd basket to be sure.

Then the announcer called out a prize basket that was the "Volcano" experience. A bit of a history...The Keizer Volcanoes are what I assumed a tiny independent league off of I-5 (like literally of of I-5...those with enough mustard can hit one over right-center onto the freeway). They have two small sets of bleachers and it has a single-A feel to it.

When I purchased my Lincecum card a couple months back, I noticed that he had played a couple games for the Volcanoes in 2007. Further research revealed that Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey all made stops through the "short A" league.

The raffle announcer called out my number and I ended up winning the Keizer Volcano experience package. Turns out that the experience was a yearbook, some more candy, three bags of kettle chips and a couple of coupons for super cuts!

The item that caught my attention though are the cards that were included and listed below. Of particular note. The cards are actually one continuous 4 x 9 uncut sheet of the entire 2009 Keizer volcano roster! Made for a dilly of a scan job, but at least you will get the idea. A couple came out blurry due to not sitting flat on the scanner, but really these cards look quite nice. The giants have had some nice prospects float through the region apparently, so I guess you never know whether the next big thing is right here on this sheet.

Go Volcanoes!


  1. The thing I remember most from my days with the Volcanoes was the kettle chips.

  2. Yep, you must have eaten several packs in those two days that you were there!