Sunday, May 16, 2010

A mysterious addition to the collection

I have not made a ton of trades over the last few months. Generally, I have been working on my "set's of 9" collection and buying bits and pieces off of eBay. I have to say that it has been pretty satisfying to get a card or two in the mail, and know exactly where to file it and see the progress of my collection. Other than small, brown eBay purchase envelopes, there has been a trade in particular that I have been eagerly awaiting in the ol' mailbox...

This is the first time I have either seen a rip card in person, or even laid eyes on one for that matter. These are way cool. It is is excellent condition and as you can see, it is unripped. What makes this card even more special is the fact that it is Jacoby Ellsbury's card.
I gave up some pretty cool Orioles pulls to acquire this card, but even so I know it was difficult for Mike to part with, so I just wanted to say thank you and assure you that Jacoby shall remain unripped. Oh sure, I am definitely going to try some super-secret NASA techniques to try to figure out what is inside, but it will remain unripped and given to my son some day to ponder the mysterious card and it's hidden contents.
Thank's again, Mike!


  1. Well, mine IS ripped, but since you like them, maybe an Ortiz would fit well...?

  2. Ripped or not, you should totally pursue this trade.

  3. I am glad the card is in a good home! Thanks!