Friday, May 21, 2010

Anatomy of a page: SP Legendary Cuts HOF Relics

As I continue to in my journey to gather a full page of various cards types, some pages have turned out to be a lot more difficult than others, while some look a lot nice than others as you flip though the binder. This particular chase has turned out to be one of my favorites so far because they all feature quality HOF players, they all are horizontal and lined up identically, and they all are nice and thick, making for a good, solid binder page.

I have been gathering a few of these off of Ebay, as they are drying up rather quickly. I received a couple this week and figured this was as good of time as any to share them with you. I am still one short, but am continuing to scour eBay for the final piece. Here are the cards in order received... #1 Ryne Sandberg,

#2 - Carlton Fisk

#3 - Ernie personal favorite because of the grainy fabric with some sort of stain of odd-colored stitch in the middle.

#4 - Stan the Man...a bit of an oddity being the only black and white image, most likely having to do with the lower serial-number.

#5 Gaylord Perry

#6 - Jim Rice - Found this one hidden away on Ebay and scored an opening .99 cent bid win.

#7 Rod Carew

#8 - Big hair Jim Palmer, the latest edition arrived just today. 8 down and one to go! Who is it gunna be?


  1. I have a Billy Williams #d/100 if you're interested shoot me an email.

  2. Speaking of 09 Legendary Cuts are you getting rid of the SPs you had aquired??

  3. those hit a dead end long ago, and I sold them to finance finishing up Heritage...before they released a high-numbers now I have completed neither! :)