Monday, March 8, 2010

The weekend that was...

Lots of pretty pictures coming up! Part of the reason for lack of posting (or posting with scans) over the last couple of days is that JD and I have been bachelors while mom is away with some girlfriends. We did typical guy stuff, watched TV, tossed a ball around, went to the card shop and (thankfully) he slept through the night both evenings, which finally gave me a chance to jump on the scanner and get in some stuff.

I went into the card shop on Saturday to pick up some more 9 sleeves and talk some shop. I didn't feel like purchasing a whole box of anything and the only loose packs I thought about were Topps, but I have a bit of Topps-lash going lately, so right by the register I found a little product called Panini threads basketball.


Basketball. Roundball. I actually do follow the sport to some extent, being a Blazer fan and the such. Did you hear that Joel Pryzbilla re-tore his leg muscle getting into the shower last weekend? Yup, been that kind of year up here in P-Town. Regardless, the product of discussion apparently allows for up to four autos or relics per 24 packs. I reached toward the middle left and grabbed four packs. Came away with two autos!

Legend Walt Frazier! This sweet card is numbered to 25 and features Baron Davis in short Knickerbocker shorts. Yikes.

While that was definitely an exciting pull, this card came in the third pack...

Sweet! A Brandon Jennings Auto Letterman patch. While the numbering is high on these babies, the cool thing is that this guy can BALL and is most likely your ROY. There is something more intimate about the black ink versus the silver ink on SP Authentic.
Sunday rolled around and the wife left town. I got the itch to rip a box while my son took his nap and also was in a buying mood after the Michael Phelps card sale went final. I opted for another box of SP Authentic because I wanted a couple more Letterman patches. These were a mixed bag...

Jay Bruce Almighty. See what I mean about the silver ink and the black ink? I like Bruce enough to enjoy this card, and the numbering is nice and low as well. I really like the color-scheme of the card as well...

Brett Anderson - Not really following the AL West much, but I am told Brett Anderson is an up-and-comer, which is a good thing because...

I pulled his regular auto as my third hit. Nice variety Topps. However, I do love my pitching phenoms, and if this guy breaks through then I will obviously change my tune in a hurry.
Here are some of the serial-numbered items if interested.

Reyes and Rodriguez are pretty sweet with the rainbow refractor numbering and foil going on. Not sweet for my collection, but maybe for yours!
If anything here jumps out at you, let me know!


  1. Any chance that Brandon Jennings is available? I dig the Bruce too but like the Jennings better.

  2. I think of all of these, I am going to hang on to the Jennings for now.

  3. I don't blame you. I recently finally acquired the Topps chrome and refractor Jennings cards. If you're interested in trading the Bruce I have some autos of Hanson, Cueto, Volquez and Romero if you're interested.