Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Something horrible has happened!

Life has been rough. Two days of bachelor parenting have worn daddy down. Weather has gotten cold again, traffic has sucked, skies are gray...and the dark cherry Starbucks mocha has given me heartburn. It also looks like Buchholz will be on the outside looking in as Wakefield is once again pitching great (in the spring).

So as I sluff my way into the office (by the way, you know that scene from "Return of the King" where Gandalph and Merry look depressingly at Mordor and its growing darkness in the distance? I really need to take a picture of this for you, but just inside the front door of the office is this abstract painting that I SWEAR looks like the flat valley beneath the giant glowing land of Mordor. I SWEAR. Very depressing sight to see each morning.).

So I jump into my new Gmail account and there is a letter from Joe. "Awesome" I think, "let's talk some cards". Instead I get this...

Hey there Mike,

Thanks for the relic pack! That was mighty generous of you - I will now begin the payback process! What's funny is that the four sweet spot relics have all been in my COMC at some point in the past week. Good stuff.

So the first order of business in the payback process is....


Please enlighten us all as to why relics will hold their value better long-term than autographs.

Oh no! For those that followed the great 2010 Topps-o-Cuffs Rip-Off, Joe and I went head-to-head and the consequences for losing the contest was that the other blogger got to be slapped four times by the end of the year. That slap entitles the winner to force the loser to write a blog posting about anything...anything at all, and I have to do it.
Relics vs autos? Oh man, this is gunna be rough. Stay tuned..and pray for me.
"Dear God, make me a bird, so I can fly far, far away from here"
---Jenny, "Forrest Gump"

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