Monday, March 8, 2010

State of the Blog Address

Howdy Howdy!

Well, gosh darn if the least entertaining thing to do after a small hiatus is to do an administrative blog, but one of the reasons that I have not put up a post in a few days is that a ton of stuff has gone on, and I literally cannot decide what to do first. So I figure the best starting point is to just spill out a bunch of bullet points for you. Enjoy!

  • Abandon Ship! - First and foremost, Yahoo mail has gotten the best of me. When it comes to searching for a particular email for a trade offer or a mailing address, it has just gotten ridiculously out of control. I am getting way too much spam and yahoo has not been good about getting some mail to me in a timely manner, therefore....I have jumped ship and gone over to Gmail! Here is the action item: I have chosen not to transfer all of my contacts and emails over from Yahoo...I mean if I did that, then what is the point? If you frequent this blog and we have made trades and the such, can you please email my new Gmail address (in my contact info) with your name, and address so I can have your info at my fingertips for future trades?

  • The Year of the Tek - For the last week or so, I have shaken my head at the increasingly growing number of hobby boxes that are piling up in the game room. Each time I say I am going to get it all organized, I go out and bust another box instead. I have 2010 Heritage, 2009 Unique, 2009 Topps High-Numbers, 2009 Goodwin, 2010 Topps Flagship, and various other sets at your disposal. I am either not collecting the set, or have a bunch of doubles, so please email me and let me know what you need and I am more than happy to oblige! My collection wants this year have narrowed down significantly. Here they be...

1) Red Sox - While I love all of my Red Sox, I can't make room for them all, therefore I have decided that the players that I value the most are Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, Jon Lester, and Jason Varitek. I am pretty sentimental towards Tek this year because I think this is probably the end of the line. I am looking for any and all cards of these players.

2). 2009 Heritage High Numbers SP's - I was mortified when Beckett combined the pricing to reflect cards 1-720. I was so proud to have completed 1-500. I definitely want to finish this set for good, and I have MOST of what I need minus several SP's of course.

3). Topps Flagship inserts - This is essentially just to burn time until Ginter comes out. I like LL, Peak Performance, CYMTO, and the Toppstown Golds. Turkey Reds are cool, but I am pretty much happy with the old-timers for that set. If you are interested in any of the other subsets, just let me know. I also have some subset dubs if interested.

4). Which reminds me of another issue. I worked my butt off to get TR 1-100 last season only to have Topps screw me again with another 50 in the High Numbers. That's a rookie collector for ya. I won't make the same mistake this year, but I would love to sew up that set as well if anybody can help.

  • Absence makes the brain grow foggier - I am hoping that the new email address helps me organize a bit better. I mean, after all, I did my Capstone Project on Google, so I should have known to switch a LONG TIME AGO to the new system. Anyways, as chaos reigns supreme in my life and emails get buried, so do trade discussions. If you are owed anything by me at this time, please email me and let me know (plus include your address!) and I will remedy that right quick!

Think that's all I can muster for the moment. I have had some interesting hits from products lately that I will get posted up tonight. Blogs are more fun with pictures, and some are coming soon! Thanks!

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  1. I'll take all those other Red Sox off your hands.