Saturday, January 2, 2010

Special K Edition

This morning I decided to rip a couple more packs of Authentic and test out the pack searching technique as presented by Joe. I gently squeezed all remaining 21 packs and I can now openly confirm that I would make a terrible pack searcher. They all felt the same to me, BUT I did pull two prospect packs that I MAY have felt a little divot, but it was most likely my imagination. Turns out the packs did contain some K related cards...

Started out in pack #1 by pulling a Dice-K serial numbered "gold" card. Apparently the scanner interprets shiny gold as dark black instead. I hope Dice comes into camp ready to do some big things because I suspect he and chien-ming wang trained together last season.

Thought I would through in this K as in KRAP! STOP PUTTING THESE IN PACKS! They are a huge waste of space, nobody likes them, and they also count as one of my five cards??
The second pack held the gem...

Nick Markakis #/30 Letterman Patch auto. I have been looking for a Markakis patch to add to JD's box for months and finally gave up. Every time I would be in the chase on Ebay, some phantom bidder would swoop in with a ridiculous max bid that would top anybody with some sanity. Same guy too, without a doubt looking to spell out the full name. I really wanted the K also, so one hit in I already feel like the lucky card shop has struck again. More rips to come.


  1. Nice!

    The same thing kept happening to me while attempting to win one of those suckers on eBay too. I would check the completed listings, and see that a few sold for around $12, so I would max bid like $15 or so, thinking that would be sufficient. It wasn't. Luckily someone traded me one a little while back, or I'd still be on the hunt.

    You'd better tell the little guy to chill out on the Markakis collection. I'm bigger than him, and I was here first ;)

  2. Nice card. But let me clear the air: I'm NOT a pack searcher! It's something I try some times with my own boxes just to see what all the fuss is about.

  3. Great Markakis pull!

    I wanted to spells Orioles a few years back. And I ran into the same thing. I eventually accomplished the task. Unfortunately Brian Burres makes up most of the letters. At least it didn't cost a ton.

  4. Great Pull. Gotta love those Letterman Patchs. No Sticker auto's here. And your zen like card opening is impressive. I don't think I could take my time. I tend to have to open all the packs at once. Keep it up can't wait to see what you get next.