Friday, January 1, 2010

SP Authentic Pack Break #1-3

I am definitely excited to rip into some of the "forbidden" cards. There is a lot of potential out there, and after reviewing the hits received by Mr. Scott, I am definitely having dreaming of some nice, short-printed letter patches. But we got a lot of packs to get through, surely there could not be a hit in the first three packs...could there? Um, no. But some nice cards to display nevertheless. Please ignore the odd distortion caused by my scanner, it seems to have some real troubles with odd numbers.
Pack #1 features the ever-present New York Yankee representation with a Chien-Ming Wang, who took a break from falling off of the planet to make an appearance in pack #1. Grady Sizemore in full motion about to learn how much money he can save by switching to GEICO, Vlad the Impaler pre-dread shave, A rookie card of Jess Todd in full Cardinal glory...minus the fact that it's a Cleveland Indian card..and the always impressive Hanley Ramirez.
Pack #2 Jair Jurrjens, rumored future Red Sox Adrian Beltre, whom I am ever suspicious about the random spike in his numbers during his season with the Dodgers. On the other hand, it is the NL West...Speedster Jose Reyes who already holds the Mets career steals record, Sandman Rivera, and a faces of the game insert of super slugger Ryan Braun.

Pack #3 - Little Pony! To this day I swear that were he not a rookie, he would have been named World Series MVP in 2007. Sorry Mikey. Marc Rzepczynski (pronounced zep-chin-ski...obviously), we'll just call him Marc. The much more pronounceable Andy Pettitte, and the easy to pronounce if you do it phonetically Dice-K, and finishing off the pack with marooned Padre talent Adrian Gonzalez. It was rumored at trade deadline that he was on the block and I imagine he will find his way on to a contender at some point next season.
So three packs in. I like the look of these cards and it is clear that Upper Deck is showcasing marquee talent with a sprinkling of "who's who of minor league" rookies. I normally complain about the cut-and-paste look of most Upper Deck cards, but these are pretty decent.
Oh, just one more thing before I go. Each pack comes with a nice, thick piece of dummy cardboard, so I have serious qualms with Cranky being so sketch about pack searchers. Granted this set does not have the three layers of security that Sweet Spot uses, but just sell single packs already.


  1. Its super easy to feel the indentation a letter patch card makes with just a little squeeze.

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