Friday, January 1, 2010

Jacoby's Treasure Chest

Happy New Years to everybody!

I am going to be adding some new features to the site starting this New Years Day. Starting today, and every Friday from here on forth I will be introducing "Jacoby's Treasure Chest", which is a way to celebrate the reason that this blog came into existence in the first place.

When I first started collecting, my goal was to complete sets and to find cards that I could top-load and stick away in a box for several years in the hopes that some day some of these might be worth something, and I can pass them along to my son JD to enjoy and someday teach a kid of his own how to collect.

I found out quickly how easy it is to become sidetracked with this hobby, and to collect the cards that dear' ol dad finds valuable to him (Go Red Sox! Go Old-Timers! Go Phenoms!). Upon this discovery, I immediately refocused, and purchased a top loader shoebox to stuff full of a wide variety of unique cards of all teams.

So starting today I will reach into the box and randomly select three cards to spotlight each week to share Jacoby's bounty with the blogging community. Here is today's random three:

David Freese Rookie Card Auto. "Allow me to break the ice. My name is Freese. Learn it well. For it's the chilling sound of your doom". David is just a baby and played in 17 games last season with 31 AB and a .323 Avg. Blew above a .08 on a December 14th DUI. This auto was one of the many great cards that I pulled from 2009 Topps chrome. I really love the chrome look and the on-card signature design. I learned quickly that there are a billion rookie cards in the world, so I am focusing on the rookie-autos to put away for JD.

YO! This card got be absolutely hooked on 2009 SP Legendary Cuts and in turn took a good chunk out of my wallet. Its like the manufacture knows when you are a greenhorn, and puts a nice autograph in the first pack of your fresh $100 box. Nevertheless, I still say that SP Legendary Cuts had some of the nicest autographs and even some decent patches (are you listening, Joe?). Plus I love the design and it's serial numbered to boot.

Ah, Short Prints! This was one of my favorite surprises out of Topps Flagship this year (this one is actually from Updates and Highlights). I loved how just when you think you have mathematically received all of your hits and inserts, something like this pops up. I love the design of 2009 Topps and the photo is a beauty. Into the shoebox it goes!
More next week!


  1. Nice relics in SP Authentic, eh? I may have to try a box. I'm still getting that box of Ballpark (unless I change my mind, which I might... but probably not). This might be a nice alternative to a box of Sweep Spot, though... What do you think of THAT?

  2. I love the Treasure Chest idea. I'm looking forward to seeing what's in there!