Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blowing Some Holiday Cash

It's New Years Eve and today I am at home, kickin it with J-Large. His daycare is taking the day off, so that means that I am too. We slept in this morning, ate some oatmeal and apple sauce, and headed out into the big city to run a few errands. First off was a stop at the bank to pay the mortgage (BORING!), then a quick jaunt over to the post office to mail off a nice stack of envelopes from yesterdays pick a team post. We rounded out the trip with stop off at my new favorite card shop.

I received some cash for Christmas that I have been trying to spend for the last week. I know that I want cards, but could not decide what to buy. I didn't really want another box of T206, although I had incredible luck on the first box...and I don't want a box of Topps High Numbers because I don't think I can do much better than the dual auto from the first box, plus I see a ton of dups in my future. What to buy, what to buy???

Then it hit me! The forbidden fruit!

A little history lesson. I used to frequent a lousy card shop on the other end of town. I found the business a bit shady, as Cranky is a big-time ebayer, and I always suspected pack searching. But I would buy from him because he was practically the only shop in town where I could purchase single packs of virtually anything.

My new shop has great benefits. For one, everything I purchase from the guy turns to GOLD. Secondly the place is clean and everything is behind glass...which makes it really easy for me to bring Jacoby in with me. Third, even though there are not a lot of single packs laying around, the owner is total open to opening up a box and pricing them out for me if I am just looking for a sample. Fourth, The owner does not Ebay. Fifth, he does not like you to open product in his store because if you get the big hit of the box, he feels guilty selling the other packs knowing that nothing decent is left. He wants happy customers who want to come back, and he has me hooked.

So what did I purchase with my Christmas roll? Remember way back when Cranky absolutely refused to sell me single packs of SP Authentic because they are too easy to pack search (now how would he know that??), but was totally willing to sell me a whole box for $130 bucks? Well, I did end up getting that box...but from a competing store at a much better price. So to you all I unveil....
Woo-Hoo! I finally have my hands on some SP Authentic! I am excited to see if my luck holds up on product from my new shop. I am going to bust this one slow, and post results for you. Wish me luck!


  1. This was one of my favorite breaks of the year good luck.

  2. Way to stick it to the man! I, too, am looking at a box of SP Authentic. They're nice... though I may just go with the cheaper 08 version. We'll see. I think you get one more patch autograph in the 09 box, though.

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