Monday, October 26, 2009

The Worlds Most Hated Red Sox

Or so Joe from The Priceless Pursuit eluded to as he hinted of a surprise package headed my direction. Immediately I thought "Kevin Youkilis", hell, if he were not on my team I probably would hate him too simply because of his livid intensity. But being a Sox it O-Tay!

So I was a bit surprised when I saw a couple of relics by one of my all-time heroes and gas-bag in chief, Mr Curt Schilling!

Sweet Spot 2007! Pretty cool. These swatches definitely have more personality than the regular swatches of Sweet Spots 2008. Curt is no doubt pondering his next 5000 word blog entry...
And then a cool 2007 Allen and Ginter relic, which is officially the ONLY 2007 Allen and Ginter relic in my collection. I can see how much the frame design has improved over the last couple of years. It still has the Margaritaville thing going on here, but the black framed 2009 edition lend a bit more contrast to the enclosed mini card. Curt here is looking a little haggard, no doubt AFTER typing his latest 5000 word blog entry. I love both of these. Thank you.

Then we move on to a bit of a legend that I have created up here in O-Re-Gon. Last week you may have noticed that I got in a tad of a squabble with the cranky store owner because of his unwillingness to sell individual packs of SP Authentic because it was "too easy to tell which packs had the hits in them", so he would only sell me a whole box at $118 bucks or something ridiculous. So my ability to purchase single packs is out the door, so Joe smuggled me up a couple of cards from Cali...

Beckett and Bay. Shiny! There is one other shop in the city that I can check out that might allow me to buy a pack or two, so we'll see how it goes. I really like the lettermans that I have seen on Ebay.

Then on to the Tickets to flimsy-dom. These are special edition though because of the perforated edge. sweet.
Last, and absolutely not least, Joe has tried twice to surprise me with my first TTM, since I have bet o-fer on all that I have tried. Apparently Mark Buehrle also has caught wind not to sign for me since Joe has sent out two cards to supposedly one of the most generous signers on the planet and zippo! So included in the package...

Joe took his own TTM and sent it my way! A completely unnecessary, but much appreciated gesture by a stand up guy. I promise to take good care of it and should one of those TTM's come my way, I promise he will come back to you with additional "interest".
Thanks Joe, and everybody, check out Joe's site and help me convince him that he is not a set collector!

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  1. Quite a signature from Buehrle, eh? You can tell he really takes pride in it. Glad you liked the cards!