Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Trip to the PO, and a Surprise Package!

Well, I spent another Saturday in the library yesterday, knocking out another section of my paper on Google. It was relatively non-event yesterday minus the guy listening to a CD with headphones on one of the library computers. He decided to start singing...something, in some language, at various times throughout the day. yesterday was also "take a tour of the library day, so as I packed up and headed out, there were about 40 adults and children lined up for library cards waiting for three frazled librarians to help them out.

Typically I head to the card shop after working on my paper, a small reward for sacrificing yet another Saturday...but I have grown tired of the cranky man, and I gambled that something would be waiting for me at home...sure enough there was one little packet....

Ah, my Tommy Hanson auto has arrived! Its a nice looking card, the sticker is slightly crooked, and the paper stock is not nearly as thick as the autos and relics from the flagship set, but Topps is pretty good at cool color schemes that make the stickers work, and this card looks pretty sharp.

Completely out of order, before going to the library I had to go to the post office, AGAIN to pick up a parcel. Little did I realize that the next card came from Taiwan, so therefor the sender required my signature to complete the transaction. Here is what arrived...

This is my first Dustin Pedroia auto and what an auto it is. Looks a bit like hyrogyphics to me, but I still think most of the autos on this card are pretty nice, and you can get them for cheap too cuz nobody else likes them but me!

I finish up to today with one of my favorites...surprise packages! Chris from Budget Base BallBall Cardboarding. sent a few pitching phenoms my direction. My favorite of which is the Blaster exclusive X-Fractors. It is my mission to try to find a way to make refractors and chrome look decent on a scanner. This really is a fantastic card, and Hamels may become a two-time world series winner in short time. Thanks for sending some phenom love my direction, Chris!
Alright, off to football!

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