Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh No! The CEO is sick! A home report.

Today I am tooling around the house taking care of Jacoby, who has come down with...something. We took him to the doctor yesterday and he tested negative for pig flu, but the doctor said something was coming on and she was right. So my wife and I are taking turns staying home with him. Its pretty crazy. Its the first time he has really been sick and his little body wants to play play play, but he wears out pretty quickly. It does give me a bit of a chance to play catch up on some scans though.

I have most of my boxes put away at this point, but I do have a small pile of cards from trades, packs, and what-have-you's that I have been meaning to write about. These next couple cards came from a good trading friend, the Collective Troll

Troll sent me a couple of great cards in separate packages (that is how far behind I am).

Lets hear it for the scan!! Very rare that my scanner makes anything look half as good as it does in person. this one came out great. this ricky Romero auto is a fantastic sticker card. I know it was hard for Troll to part with, but I trust that he got a good deal on his end of a three-way trade!

A few days later this classic arrived.
I had not realized that part of the sketch card set from Ginter included this great moment in Red Sox history. I became pretty disenchanted with the sketch set when I realized all of the Yankee and Tampa Bay cards (Aaron Boone was the final straw), and I gave them all away. I am happy that Troll posted all 25 for viewing or else I never would have known.
Sorry for the tardiness on this post, but I love these cards and send thanks out to you!


  1. Are those on-card sketches? It's so hard to tell the difference between those and the standard card, at least in the scans.

  2. Tell the little dude to feel better soon!

  3. Hey sorry to hear that Jacoby is ill, but at least he doesn't have the piggie flu! Glad you got those and liked them. I totally understand about falling behind. I think you have sent me 4 packages since the last one I posted and I just now finished scanning the Ticket To Stardumb cards that you sent me a few weeks back...

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  5. oh, he doesn't have it then! well, good luck with whatever the other thing is he has