Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Pack a Day! (No, Seriously)

As part two of my great Target adventure, I scoured the $1.59 bin and found these...

Seven packs of 2008 Topps Heritage! Roughly half the cost of this year's model. The fact that they are in the cheapo bin leads me to believe that this is the end of the road for this product, unless I go the hobby box route, that I will never stand a chance on completing this set. But I will rip a few of these and see where it takes me. Here is one catch though...

I am literally going to limit myself to opening one pack per day...

What? Impossible!

I am sure lots of people actually rip open a ton of packs at once, set them aside, and then scan in one pack a day. It's a mirage. I may post a pack, but in reality there are piles of cards and wrappers everywhere! Worse yet, I have nothing to do for the rest of the week except peer into my mail box like Charlie Brown hoping for a Valentine...only to find these...

So I am going to try a nice little experiment and ACTUALLY only rip one of these each day* (since today is Sunday and I want to go back to Target on Friday, today is officially "two-fer" Sunday"). We'll see how shaky the hands get, and what random tasks that I will do to pass the time before next Friday!



  1. My Target seriously has to upgrade its bargain bin. I read everyone else finding Heritage and A&G and chrome packs in their bargain bins. All I ever see (and I do mean EVER) at mine are 2007 and 08 Upper Deck and Camp Rock.

  2. If you send me your want list, I've got a bunch of 08 Heritage to trade you.

    Night Owl, don't complain. My Target doesn't even have a bargain bin!

  3. I've never seen a Target bargain bin. :(

  4. They tore my Target down....and built a SUPER TARGET in it's place...but it's not open yet!

  5. The only bargain bin at the Target here is the 99¢ entertainment cards one. Shopko's bargain bin has been known pretty epic at times though, I just can't get there very often. Hope you get something good!