Monday, September 7, 2009

Mail Day! BIlly and His New Blog On the Block (part 1)

Good day to everybody and welcome yet another glorious work week! Today is actually a pretty short day because we get to take Jacoby to his 9-month Doctor appt. At 6 months, Jacoby was already at 29 inches and 21 lbs, so he is definitely going to be tall. Our goal is to make him the youngest kid ever to ride the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland (which has the tallest height requirement of all the park).

Just before the long weekend, I received a very generous package from Billy in Florida. Billy is a brand new blogger and actually acknowledged me as his reason for pressure! So for Pete's sake, everybody check out his blog and help make it a raging success! I have been blogging for only a few months myself, but the best advice I can give to you Billy, is just keep writing and see where it takes you from day to day. Some days you are doing a box break, and others you are throwing up a survey on bananas! (I am pretty disappointed in the results, by the way). Good luck on the new venture Billy, and everybody please stop in to BGM838. and welcome a new blogger into our community.

I initially met Billy when started blogging about my 2009 Topps Chrome break. I was looking for others that wanted to do some base-swapping to help me complete the set (since it is kinda my MO), Billy contacted me a spun me a tail of woe about cracking two boxes and ending up with and identical auto in each. Two Wil Venable's. I told him to hang tight as I awaited one more box, and luckily my misfortune of pulling two Yankees turned into a nice little Pena for Venable auto swap. A wonderful deal. Billy was also going to throw in a bunch of chrome base to help me complete the set.

Well, when the package came, there more (much more) than just the auto and the chrome. In fact so many cool cards to write about that I am going to have to split this baby into two "Kill Bill" style. So lets break down bonus material (Sox-themed).

Now I am not at home at the moment, so much of this is from memory, but I start with what I believe is 2007 Turkey Reds. I love Turkey Reds, as you all already know, and these are additions to the collection. I am a bit perplexed on the lack of detail on some of the cards, while the others look rather life-like. I think that this product has really evolved over the last couple of years.

I am getting well-versed in this series..the 2007 Bowman Heritage collection. So much time and attention to detail. My favorite of the bunch has to be of the Captain. I will really miss him when he goes, most likely at the end of this season.

Here we actually have two products, UD Artifacts Dice-K and his introductory press conference shot...this made my 6 in 45 seconds list. Then there are a couple Topps sketch cards that are a nice depiction, though I think the Manny looks a bit off.

Masterpieces is just a classic and this Yaz card is top-notch. I like the Papi too, but he looks a bit Shrekish in this particular pose.

Okay, so I have fully admitted my confusion regarding the big mini craze,but these Goudey are pretty nice, they are from the 2007 set and the Yaz in the middle is an extra bonus. I will be popping a couple of boxes of Goodwins and I hear that there is a mini per pack, so I am getting my tiny storage box dusted off and ready to roll!

Have you ever heard of this guy? I hear he is pretty popular. I was actually unaware that Bowman had minor league images of players ( I thought they just had prospect cards of players in MLB uniforms) so this is different from any other Jacoby that I have. BTW I think it goes without saying that Jacoby is always on my collections list, so if you have any lying around that you don't want, please let me know!

Got a little old school in here! While I admittedly did not really follow the Red Sox until the advent of the Internet (how could I way out here in O-Re-Gon?), one of the reasons I went Red Sox and have not looked back is the rich history involved with the franchise. These cards are fantastic!

That's it for now! I will post the remainders soon, but in the meantime check out BGM838, and help Billy get his blog off on the right foot!

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  1. Those are actually from the futures game, not so much the minor league's, but yes bowman from time to time does picture players in their minor league uniforms.