Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random post World-Series Musings...

Congrats to San Francisco. You won. woooooooooo-woooooooooooooooooo! .....on enemy turf. Bummer. I have always been a huge antagonist about the 2-3-2 final series in both basketball and baseball. At least in my recent memory, it seems that the away team often cliches, and a somewhat subdued celebration takes place. Kind of a bummer because you wait all season for a big finale, and it is suddenly over, and you are left with a bunch of old owners in funny suits standing around awkwardly accepting a trophy on national television. Of course, you certainly cannot guarantee with a regular 2-2-2-1 or 2-2-1-1-1 that it will increase the chances of a home team celebration, but it just feels like too many of these puppies happen on the road.

Of course, something that Fox apparently decided to do was to wait to interview the players until after they have celebrated inside the locker room, and come out half-lit onto the field. Timmy had a classic moment.
Announcer "What do you think is going on in San Francisco right now"
Tim Lincecum" Well, I hope that the beer is flowing free and there is smoke in the air!"
I am sure that he meant fireworks.

Holy crap! Is that the old woman from Titanic? What is she doing here. Actually without actually footage to grab for this post, I remember the scene in some square in San Francisco where the fans were "celebrating" after the final out. Actually they were looking around awkwardly until they knew the camera's were on them, and THEN they celebrated.
But mixed within the crowd was an extremely short, elderly woman, fully decked out in a fuzzy orange hat and orange coat. And she was dancing, and just having a blast. I started thinking about that old lady, imagining just exactly how long she has supported this team...maybe back to the days in NY? Maybe she goes to every home game and could tell some amazing stories.. She was a true fan amongst confused people and I bet that this World Series means so much more to her than anybody else. Keep rocking.

And my final thoughts. My Cliff Lee. Conspiracy time....WHY did he shave his beard prior to the game? Superstition? Itchy? My guess (which is lore) is that he was already taking his media photos wearing his Yankee pinstripes. Gotta be clean-shaven, right? Betcha he threw on the pinstripes, even had a few baseball card photos taken for Topps 2011.
It's all over!

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