Friday, November 5, 2010

Choose your own adventure Friday!

By the hair on my chinny-chin-chin, you have selected JD to go to Target with me to pick out a random pack for review. This can go several ways, as JD is pretty familiar with the looks of the packets that I typically open, at which point you would be subjected to yet another ginter pack bust...OR perhaps some colorful Pokemon cards this time? Jacoby is also pretty into " 'ockey" as this is always the first word out of his mouth when I flip on the tv after work for some sporting event to watch.

But no. I completely forgot about Jacoby's other favorite past time over his 23 month career, and that is CARS! Loves em. And seeing a bright yellow Dale Sr. #3 made him make an instant grab for this...

NASCAR trading cards! I believe this is by a company called Press Pass Inc, and this product is called Stealth...but it is all rather unclear. Don't expect a lot of excellent NASCAR tidbits here, I don't really follow the sport, though I am not too incredibly ignorant about it either. Kind of in the middle, in a hazy, uncaring state is the best way to describe.

My first thoughts is that Dale does not look good here. I don't want to go the undead Dale route, but have you ever seen the scene in Blues Brothers where the Blues brother cop car throws a rod during a chase scene and they all end up covered in oil. That's what this reminds me off. Make it a cover shot I guess......Maybe I SHOULD just go with undead Dale.

Card #1 - Kyle Busch. Kyle is propped up for winning the Ray Asbestos Rookie of the Year honors in both circuits. He is credited with "throwing down the hammer" all season. Git er done Thor.

Card #2 - Kasey Kahne. Mach 10. HOLY SH&*!!!!! That's fast! Much respect.

Card #3. Lap Leaders Laps! FIVE LAPS! Woo-hoo! Excuse me while I go redeem some cool cards!

Card #4 Juan Pablo Montoya. Great great great grandson to Inigo Montoya. Has won races in NASCAR, Formula One, Indy Car, and Wally's Family Fun Center go-cart league. Proudly sponsored by Max Headroom sunglasses.

Card #5 - Brian Vickers - Fueled by Red Bull, Vickers won the most poles in 2009 (six), proving that when you don't have 42 other cars to deal with, you can achieve anything! On a serious note, Vickers is receiving treatment for blood clots, which is no laughing matter. I had the same thing happen to me and am on blood thinners for the rest of my life, so I wish him well with his issue and hope doctors can find a solution.

#6, Kurt Busch - Throwing down the hammer! Maximum Velocity! Mach 10! These cards sound a little too dangerous for me to collect. I tend to be a little more conservative....though I did drive today while eating an egg mcmuffin.
So not hits (you get sheet metal relics in NASCAR cards!) no auto of Danica, just five cards and a few laps. i will say that the quality here is pretty good. Each of these is a refractor, each looks smooth and shiny, and each has some quality tidbit on the back. Certainly a niche product, but a lot of effort has been put into these.


  1. If I had known you were going to grab a Nascar pack I would have voted for something else! :P LOL Just kidding...actually, you have opened my eyes to the world of Nascar trading cards. And now I need cornea implants. Thanks.

  2. Nascar cards are just to fast for me. Maybe next time Jacoby will pick out some golf cards...