Thursday, September 23, 2010

You just never know who is reading...

Way back when Chicle first came out, I decided to get get a little cheeky with some of the artists of the set with my review of 201o Topps Chicle

I was having little fun with some of the artistic tendencies of the various artists and dubbed the work of Dave Hobrecht "The Closer" because I felt that his cards were pretty spot on amazing and possibly the best of the offerings in Chicle.

Not even a couple hours after that post I get an email...from Dave Hobrecht! What? Yep, Dave was checking out blogs and wanted to deliver a kind word in return for my kind words about his Chicle work. Wow! Maybe Dave Matthews and Quentin Tarantino will write next?

Anyways, Mr. Hobrecht was very kind to offer his autograph on any cards that I wanted to send his way. I happily took him up on this offer and sent several cards including my box loader from my single box o' Topps 2010 Chicle.

Here is the returned product of Dave's post signature. Unfortunately somewhere in the fold, either Jacoby or I got a tiny grease stain on the card. Dangit! Oh well, still is a great card and a great auto. I also sent out some cards for signature that might please my 2010 World Cup winners . Grand Cards, the Grand Prize winner should have his package any moment now, and I have Night Owl's ready to go. Darkship, I need your mailing info!

Thanks to Dave for taking the time to sign a few cards!