Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Check out my virtually amazing pulls!

This week my attention was drawn to a new Topps release called Bowman Platinum. I like to think of this as yet another pointless product to cash in on a bumper crop of rookies using the same images, and adding a sprinkling of autographs and relics that chances are overwhelmingly against you ever seeing in your collection.

Platinum. Platinum? Really? We are out here talking about Bowman Platinum even before the highly-touted and no-doubt overpriced Bowman Chrome takes the stage? And unless Topps has been scurrying around in Tallahassee or Tuscaledo, or Cuca Ranchera clicking additional photos of baseball prospects, my guess is that you are going to once-again be getting the same images that you have already gotten out of regular Bowman...when you threw down $200 a box to get those images.

Oh well, at least the price point is reasonable. A mere $120 bucks will get you a couple autos, and some dinged up "Platinum" cards with roller marks all over them.

Stay tuned in November for Bowman Platinum! Then wait until December when Bowman Titanium comes out quickly followed by Bowman Mercury, sent tentatively to release in January, pending EPA approval.

Nah, not for this hombre. I am still content with my half chewed-up box of Bowman from this Spring (granted I jumped before the price jump), and am not falling for this trick twice. Or thrice.

So instead I have decided to vitually collect a couple of the outstanding hits that Topps includes on product sheets that you are guaranteed to never pull*, and never be able to afford once it hits Ebay**. Well I got em right here, and they are beautiful!

Steven Strasberg/Jason Heyward Dual relic auto. Enjoy it here, because you probably have a better chance of winning Powerball, and getting struck by lightening while standing in line to claim your prize.

Sweet, this is my first virtual book pull ever! I think it's a beauty. I will virtually trade it to anybody for free if you want to add it to your virtual collection as well. Has anybody even seen one of these IRL? My guess is that you are looking at the only one....and I virtually own it. Are you jealous?

Have a great virtual day! See you back here for my review of Bowman Cobalt!


  1. We talkin bout PLATINUM! PLATINUM? Not even Chrome, man . . . . Platinum? Platinum?

  2. How the hell am I supposed to make my company better with platinum? Not chrome....platinum.

  3. as nice as those virtually are, my virtual '54 Aaron is nicer.