Monday, September 13, 2010

A Sharpe Looking Package of Minis

Horrible...did I just fall into the "write a clever title that includes the name of the blog that made the trade" trap? Well, indeed I did.

Jim at Sharpe Since 92 is more than familiar with JD and my sudden obsession with mini cards. Jim is one of my regular daily emails, and he gets a continual earful of cards I find interesting, or lots that I am bidding for on eBay. With each passing filled binder page and entry log in excel (rapidly approaching 500 non-dup minis strong, I get more crazy to find the unique minis that will both stand out and blend in to my card sleeves.

While this card is admittedly one of Jim's favorites...he graciously traded it to me for a pick to be named later, knowing that it would be a great addition to our collection...
Unicorn! Sweet! This is the one and only Creatures of Myth and Terror card in our collection thus far. Finding these available on eBay has become somewhat difficult and I am thrilled to add it to the binder

Jim also decided to include some surprises in the package. A few more minis are always welcome into the collection, but I certainly did not expect to find THESE minis...

Wow! This first one is my personal favorite and automatically shoots to one of my favorites of our entire collection. There is a lot of unanswered questions about the origin of this card. Clearly it is a reprint, but it is pretty unclear WHEN exactly this was issued. Jim suspects somewhere in the late 80's but is unsure. The original was produced in 1888, so perhaps a 100 year anniversary set of Ginter? What I love about this is that this card has seen a bit of rough times and really has the look and feel of the original, all the way down the the original back. Great, great card.
Here are some more fantastic and mysterious additions...

Again, I am unclear where and when these were produced, though I suspect it is the same set. The Lewis card has an original Piedmont back on it. Again, these three cards are a bit worn, as Jim no doubt decided to use them in his bicycle spokes and sent them through the washer a few times as a kid. These are great.
This last bunch was a trade that we had talked about long ago that tagged along for the trip west. My original concept was to keep a page of each Polar Bear, Old Mill, and Piedmont...the rules have since changed, as that collection method is far too organized. Regardless the top three are polar bear, and the bottom three old mill.

These are great, Jim. I have gone back and looked at these several times since they have arrived. Soon they will be logged and sucked into the random binder vortex, and will make great additions. Thanks again!


  1. Man, those are some Wild Cardz.

    Heh heh.

  2. I love the random binder vortex!

    Yeah, I was as surprised as you to see A&G when I flipped that one over. Crazy that I knew of A&G before it was cool to do reprints.

    The Magie card, I know, shows one of the first big time "error" cards.