Thursday, September 16, 2010

Obak #45....Hulk Hogan?

That's right, Brutha! You gotta hand it to Obak for relishing the obscure by adding a wrestling champion into a decidedly baseball-oriented product. While Allen and Ginter is full-fledged and blatant in their oddball card additions to the product name, Obak opted for a more subtle, artistic approach covering baseball players as well as others associated with the game. Adding a Hulk Hogan mini, and a rather bright colored one at that, is a very curious decision that has led me to ponder its meaning. How does one get in the Obak set.

To me, the answer is's all about a powerful fu manchu

Dr Fu Machu was a fictitious character that wrecked havoc on anybody that crosses his path. The symbol of his moustache...the fu manchu moustache is a symbol that says, "don't mess with me".

Hmm, well based on that criteria, who else might deserve an Obak card?

Perhaps Paul Sr. is the next 2011 Obak #45? Sr. definitely rocks the fu machu, and I certainly don't want to be anywhere near the guy when he is in the red. I have to admit that Sr. is actually starting to look a little worn and tired these days and has lost a bit of that badass edge, but he is most definitely #45 worthy.

Kevin Youkilis? Mm, perhaps....I will give Youkilis this much, the guys scares the living crap out of me and I am glad he is one our side. When you see Youk turn beet red and see those veins throbbing in his head, I don't think that you want to even be in the same dugout with the guy. Plus the Hulk has the public won over. I can't say this for fact, but I am willing to wager that anybody who is NOT a Sox fan probably can't stand this guy. #45 worthy? Not so much.

The back of Hulk's card also states that Hulk is often imitated, never duplicated. Imitation is the highest form of flattery? Well then I recommend...

Ah-nold! Get to the choppa!!!!! AAARRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!

I still contend to this day that life is a lot more fun if you know how to do a good Arnold impersonation, which I cannot. Arnold impersonations never get old...ever! Is he #45 worthy? I would have to say so, and would love to have a Governator mini in my collection some day...but perhaps he needs just a bit more of a boost to secure his chances...

mm, maybe not.

So who would be my #45? While minor points should be deducted for a less than Fu, Fu Manchu, Danny Trejo is my hands-down pick of Badassery...

Who would be your #45?

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