Friday, September 10, 2010

More Friday Fun Returns...

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So who is this guy?

Alex sez: Either of the Walton Boys

Yeeeeesssss! Very nice indeed. I would tend to lean towards Papa Bill on this one. Just slap a Dodger cap on him and there he is!

Funny story about Bill Walton. About 10 years back during the JailBlazer era the Blazers decided to host an ill-advised Bill Walton beanie baby night at the Rose Garden Arena. This was either a nationally televised contest, or Bill was a special guest announcer because he was present and adding his stuffy, proper commentary to the game.

So all the fans are loaded with beanie babies, and crabby enough because these were Jail Blazer days, and at some point in the 4th quarter, Scottie Pippen got called for an extremely controversial foul, causing a chorus of boos....then beanie babies to be thrown on to the court!

Walton was totally speechless, and totally offended that such precious gifts from his adoring fans could be hucked away so half-hazardly and without regret. In your face, Walton!

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  1. This one is perfect too. Any others roll in over the weekend?