Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Day madness, plus a SP offer.

Today has been a whirlwind of baseball activity. What began with last evening's entertaining first act has turned into a ton of action and incredible plays today.

I would have to say, that even though it is only day two, it is safe to say that we have already seen the play of the year. I have also witness the monster that is Albert Pujols, in a very entertaining game, and can safely say that J-Hey gave the fans a great debut. I got a little sick of the gushing that the announcers were heaping on Heyward, ala Brett Favre or Jon Gruden, but I have to say, the guy is good. He does not look like a 20-year-old rookie should look. He seems confident and powerful. Look out, National League East.

I also watched Gallardo, and while he did not look perfect, he would have had a chance if he would have gotten a little bit of run support from his teammates (sounds oddly familiar). Also, saw a bit of Santana mowing down Josh Johnson and the Fish.

Currently, it's my game of the day, Lincecum v Oswalt. The Triple Cy Young award watch begins today and he had a couple nasty K's in inning 1.

Tonight, I will check out King Felix and the Mariners and see what they are all about this season. It has been a baseball heavy day.

But we are here to talk about cards, and I want to toss an offer out there before I wave the white flag and send these cards to eBay. I have opened one box and scattered packs of Topps Heritage 2010. I have gathered nine shortprint cards. They are below...

For record, they are 429,434,443,452,457,470,477,484, and 487.
My goal is to find somebody who has nine shortprints that are on my 2009 Topps Heritage needs list. I am desperately wanting to finish that set and am about 30 cards shy at this point. Does anybody out there want to do a swap?
Well, back to baseball. Sandoval just pulled a Tommy Hanson (blowing a bubble on a play). Classy


  1. Of those SPs, I do need 429,477, and 484. I don't know if I have any 2009 Heritage SPs though. But I'll check and see what I have. Did you get the Masterpiece SPs and Victor Martinez Dice card?

  2. yep, I sure did, and I have a bunch of T206 and a Tex Dice card headed back your way this weekend.

    Unfortunately I have already posted and sold the SP's on eBay, but I will defitely get your cards out over the weekend.

  3. I have Volquez base SP, Hart base SP and molina(sportingnews SP) also Ichiro MVP. I need the timmy...let me know...