Sunday, April 4, 2010

And we're off!

Well, strike up yet another topsy-turvy Red sox V Yankees matchup! The game just wrapped up moments ago and initially I thought that this write up was going to go a completely different direction. Here were my initial impressions...

Yeesh, can these two teams ever play a brisk game? This one clocked in at nearly four hours, not that there is anything wrong with that...just saying.

Things started ugly with some sketchy pitching by the Red Sox ace, a misplay off the wall by Ellsbury, and maybe I just play too much of "The Show" but even I know not to try to pick of a steal attempt at second when there is a runner at third. I used to double-steal all the time in MVP Baseball.

I got to thinking about Ellsbury out in left though, and to be fair, it must be tough to play the entire pre-season in Florida and just show up and have to suddenly deal with the Green Monster. I can let that misplay slide, but out of the gate I would say most of the rust belonged to Beckett.

But then suddenly the tides began to shift, and the Red Sox had three straight hits to left off of CC and were starting to get their timing down. Then it was time to go after that suspect Yankee bullpen. The rest is history as the Red Sox come back and win big. Tonight's heroes... Dustin Pedroia hit the game-tying home run deep over the Monster in the 7th inning, and also added a "take a breath" insurance run in the 8th inning...

Youk! Welcome to the cleanup spot. Youk delivered two doubles and a two-run triple that got the Red Sox momentum back in full swing. Also scored on the passed ball by Jorge Posada to go ahead for the first time all night and put the pressure on the Yankees.
Whew! What a beginning! My opening day is just under-way as well. I have taken tomorrow off and will plot and chart my course through several of the best pitching matchups being televised tomorrow. I am also going to use that time to get some cards organized and get some packages out the pajamas!


  1. Sounds like you have an awesome day ahead of you!

  2. "Down by the river..."

    From what I am reading the new proposed spring training stadium has the exact same field dimensions as Fenway including the Green Monster. That should eliminate having to learn the monster in games.

    Youkilis for MVP in 2010

  3. That makes pretty good sense to have a field with a tall left field wall. I don't exact dimensions might be overload, but if they are willing to make "Fenway South" I say go for it.