Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gimmick Alert and Something Shiny!

Happy Easter/Opening Day! We all woke up this morning and watched and Jacoby ran around the house looking for "balls" (eggs). Seriously, everything that is round is a ball these days, and he likes them all, football, baseball, basketball, and this morning the Easter Bunny added a soccer ball to his collection. After all, World Cup is coming soon.

We are going to have some family over for brunch this morning, and then this evening is 100% dedicated to opening night at the Fens. Brats, potato salad, BOSTON baked beans, and maybe a little Sam Adams to boot. It has been the longest pre-season ever, and I am ready for the real thing.

In the meantime, I disappeared to the shop for a couple minutes yesterday to once again praise the owner for the incredible luck he brings me on packs and boxes. For no reason other than to purchase the prospect edition of Beckett and round out the purchase, I snagged one Jumbo of Topps. I miss that mustardy smell of the Topps cards, and I always have dreams of a silk pull or another nice hat relic.

Eek! Talk about great anti-luck! Here is the pull of the pack... Topps number 370 Super-Shortprint Yankee Pie In The....back of the head?? And what the heck is Bronson Arroyo doing in this card posing as a Yankee? Hmm, must be the "Hidden Bronson" variation. Start checking those Cincinnati cards folks!

Needless to say, this card had to be expelled from my collection immediately...if interested, here is the shameless plug. Equal opportunity for all Yankee fans.

Also yesterday, My wife told me the Easter Bunny had paid a visit, and after several lengthy hints I was able to locate a redemption from Topps! Not too shabby, since I entered it around the same time as my Upper Deck redemption. This came out of an ill-advised purchase of Topps Sterling one day at the shop. You will notice that I never did a post on it, and reason being that it was very uneventful, in fact I don't even remember what was in that box...

BUT, there was a redemption for a gold refractor signature #/50...

Dayan last look this guy is still struggling to prove his worth and I don't believe he made opening day roster for the Pale Hose, but really, this is an absolutely stunning card and really glows, and his signature is insanely nice looking. Some cards really work with sticker autos and this is one of them.

Well, gotta get ready for family. Have a great day, and for the first time this year....GO SOX!

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