Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hey folks, sorry that I have not thrown up anything today (wait a tic, that does not sound right, does it)? To be quite honest, the cards have slowed down for the last few days. I am between products waiting for Goodwin Champions, I am pretty much stuck between a rock and hard place with 2009 Heritage short prints, nothing has really come in the mail, and now that JD has become rather mobile, most of my evenings are spent keeping an eagle-eye on his doings!

BUT, I do expect some packages coming soon. Several of you have been very generous and are helping me out with a couple SP's, some Topps Chrome, and an outlet to jettison Yankee puke autos, so thank you very much for that. In the meanwhile I am passing time alphabetizing my prospects and rookie cards. Pretty exciting stuff eh? Ya know what? At first glance the only notable name in the prospect cards that has even sniffed notoriety is Neftali Feliz, the rest are either still cranking it out in the minors, or working at Bobs Big Boy (Two Austin Powers references, one post).

Maybe this is a good opportunity to catch you all up on some of my favorite phenoms! I love collecting young pitchers because it makes watching random teams that much more exciting, and it is like watching your stock rise and fall with each pitch. So I give you my top five phenom pitchers!

1. Tommy Hanson! Hanson! He's so hot right now!

I love watching Tommy take the mound and just mow them down. Nothing shakes the guy up and he seems amazingly focused considering the spotlight he is under. He got the short end of the stick last outing when a rain delay washed out him and Petey after only two innings. I will have to check, but I am pretty sure Hanson took the loss on the game. Bum deal. For those of you looking for a good game with the means, I recommend Hanson vs Nolasco tonight.

2. Yovani Gallardo

Has been on my fantasy team each year since exploding onto the scene a couple years back. He is only 12-10, but a lot of that is due to lack of run support during his starts. He has an impressive 186 strikeouts to this point and a decent 3.56 ERA. Just not the year for the Brew Crew though and he kinda gets lost in the fold sometimes.

Speaking of lost in the fold...

3. Felix Hernadez (I would not really call him my 3rd favorite, but it was a nice segway)...

King Felix is mired in yet another horrible Mariner team this season, but his stats are amazing. 2.65 ERA, 185 K's, 14-5 record, and Cy Young written all over him. I doubt he'll get it, in fact I doubt that many of you even knew that he was doing so well this year. Felix is yet another case of a guy that, if placed square in the National League, would absolutely baffle everybody. Heck, he is already doing it in the American League, but NOBODY NOTICES. He is like the Eeyore of the American League :)

4. Tim Lincecum
Timmy! Has amassed an amazing 222 K's and 2.33 ERA to go with his 13-4 record. Helping to lead an inspired charge for his Giants down the stretch. Griffey Jr has the sweetest swing in baseball, Lincecum has the sweetest delivery in baseball. It's tough to watch Giants baseball, but I try to catch Timmy when I can.

5. Jon Lester

I have said it a million times. How can you NOT cheer for Lester? He kicked cancer to the curb and is back out there throwing no-hitters and shutouts in the toughest division in baseball (actually I don't know if that is still true, but it looks good on paper). Bar-none, He and Jacoby are my favorite Sox, and I love watching Lester take the bump every chance I get.

Honorable mention...Clay Buccholtz (kid is coming around), Johnny Cueto (Best name in the game, but still has control issues), and Zach Grienke (I hear he is good, but again, like Felix, you never really here about him EVER.

In closing, so far nary a single vote for a green, crisp banana? Can I lobby for a green(ish) banana by saying that when you pack a lunch, all of your food does not end up smelling and tasting like banana if it is not super-ripe yet? I'm just sayin.....


  1. YOU NEED TO POST MORE OFTEN! It was killing me not having nothing to read.... not really, just thought I would boost your ego a little.
    You are right, Lester is the man. I will never forget the No Hitter after his come back, that was a tear jerker.

  2. I'll try and go through my Heritage this weekend and see if I can help.

  3. I was going to say that the Mariners are a few games over .500, so they are actually respectable, if not decent this year, but then I checked out baseball-reference. 70-64 actual record, pythagorean record 61-73!!! They are overachieving against their stats by like 9 games! I think they must have the manager of the year on lockdown at least, if not the CY Young. But yeah, I guess Felix does play on a pretty awful team again this year.

  4. I have a shiny King Felix Topps Chrome blue refractor that's been calling out your name int he middle of the night.

    Perhaps I should send him home soon?