Monday, August 31, 2009

Mail Day! Phenoms and Sox!

I received a package in the mail today from blog reader Brian for Texas. I first met Brian during the world famous "Crack the Gellner Code" contest a couple months back. Brian was quick on the draw and deciphered Andrew McCutchen as the secret card and won himself a nice little prize!

Recently Brian saw my posting for Chrome Refractors and contacted me regarding the Blue Nelson Cruz WBC Refractor. Rumor also got around for regarding my confusion for mini-card mania, and he was more than happy to take a stack of Ginter Mini's off of my hands for me. No problem! Even better I found out that his son is starting to collect cards. I love helping new collectors and was more than happy to send some Topps base sprinkled with Rangers. I figure the more Ranger cards I drop, the more mojo I created for the wild card race! Before you know it we had ourselves a nice little trade. Here are a few of the cards I received...

BREAKING NEWS: As I type this at 9:15 Pacific, watching the MLB Network, The LA Dodgers have just Acquired Jim Thome from the Chicago White Sox! We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog...

So the first couple of nuggets in this sweet package were a VERY NICE Tim Lincecum Phenom Piece Of History swatch. While plain colored swatches can grow wearisome, a great design makes the card, and this card has a phenomenal shot of Pac-Bell Park. This card is a beauty and I am very grateful to have it added to my collection

Big Papi! I officially have a Ginter relic back in my collection. I traded away my Kershaw auto the other day and I had missed the crazy Jimmy Buffet framed shots. Papi is heating up and the Sox are starting to round into form again. Love this relic.
Mini Nomah! This is actually a pretty sweet design and really makes me want to buy a pack or 20 of the T206 Topps when it comes out in a couple months. I am not exactly sure where this mini came from, but it is Polar Bear backed from 2002. Even nailed the crooked gotee!

Ah, five more mini-cards for my 2009 Heritage project! The end still seems so far away, but I am now officially five closer thanks to Brian. If anybody has even one SP that they can help knock off my list, please let me know and lets work out a deal!

I threw in an image of this Rocco XFractor because I love how horrible scanners are with chrome cards, especially refractors. As if there is not enough going on in this card, the shot also contains a batting cage pattern to Fractorate! Nice card.


Brian also threw in a JD Drew refractor, and several other Red Sox cards for my collection. Thanks Brian, please let me know when you get your package, and thanks for helping me clear out some Rangers!

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