Friday, October 22, 2010

My 2009 Mystery Cut Redemption is.....

Whoopee. A brown envelope, right?

Well, yes, but not exactly. you see, inside of this envelope that I scanned just moments ago, is the culmination of a eight-month wait for my SP Legendary Cuts Mystery Cut Redemption. Seems like a long time to wait, but some people have waited over 15-months for their card.

So I am writing this before I open up the package because I don't want the results (I expect to be disappointed) to skew my excitement, because I definitely AM really excited to see what is inside.

A few weeks ago Upper Deck released a video showing some of the amazing cuts up for grabs. These were clearly the best of the best, and Upper Deck clearly did not show what a vast majority of us lottery ticket holders will ACTUALLY receive.

I have been following a chat board for several months and have heard just about every complaint possible towards Upper Deck, followed by elation that the cards were finally coming, followed by very vocal discontent at what was received. I am not kidding here, this is the equivelant of a Simpson's lynch mob, folks.

So, I am just going to keep everything in perspective, be happy with whatever I receive, and hope for some serious mojo... here we 2009 Mystery Cut Redemption is....

Here is one for you football historians. The Legendary (guess that is the name of the product right?) Paul Brown, founder of the Cleveland Browns (obviously) and the Cincinnati Bengals, (Paul Brown Stadium).
I have heard of some other pulls and overall am pretty thrilled with this pull. My only wish is that is had some sort of cool paper or date or stamp on it (check out the Harry Blackstone magician auto), but all-in-all this is a pretty dang cool addition to the collection.
Have a great weekend. Go crack a code or something!


  1. frickin' sweet!!! an awesome pull!

    congrats man, that is indeed an amazing card.

  2. Not too shabby at all. At first, I thought it said Paula Brown, and had no idea who she was. Figured maybe she was a bowler or something. Paul Brown is definitely a lot better.

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  4. Like Beardy I wondered who Paula Brown was... I was like "did she have sex with Bill Clinton?"

    Paul Brown is real awesome. Very significant to the sport and a really clean sig. Ya did well!

    You could probably fetch some decent bucks for it too...