Sunday, July 11, 2010

Viva Espana! JD's World Cup Tourney Has Come To A Close!

Well, you can't say I didn't warn ya.

Yesterday's 3rd place game between Germany and Uruguay was full of excitement and back-an-forth action that came down to the absolute last shot of the match. It was a match that would be a perfect ending to the World Cup...except it was the consolation final.

Today we had Spain and Netherlands, in what was absolutely guaranteed to be a defensive battle. Spain had only allowed one goal the entire cup...and had scored only eight. As the TV analysts were going around the table giving scoring predictions, I nearly choked on my coffee when one of them pronounced "3-2". Apparently he had not been watching these two teams much over the last month.

So as predicted by Swami earlier in the week, Spain walks outta here with a 1-0 overtime (late overtime) win over Netherlands and wins its first World Cup title in its first appearance.

I gotta have a little more time to wrap my brain around the last month that I basically dedicated completely to the beautiful game. I am definitely ready to get back into some baseball, but am going to miss those repetitive world cup commercials, the World Cup jingle at the beginning of each match, and of course the gentle hum of the vuvuzela! More tomorrow on final thoughts though.

This is also to announce that the JD's Wildcardz World Cup Tournament has officially come to a close and all the entries have been tallied! The is still a chance for some major parody, and tomorrow I will announce the winners of the competition! Check in tomorrow for the results!

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