Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ellsbury Additions

As discretionary income decreases and disapproval continues with the big Topps machine, I have narrowed my collection needs dramatically in the last several months. Yeah, I snagged a bunch of dino cards and greek gods, but that's just cuz mini cards are cool and they look good in a binder.

By the way (also increasing mal feeling towards Topps), did you see how they hid the Ginter Code this year? Ri-di-cul-ous! A code that totally favored the desperate and paranoid..."OMG, I need to mail Topps to make sure that nobody has cracked it yet!" Whatever, total cop out and I feel really sorry for those people that were misled on "code cards" online and paid a pretty penny for nothing. I can grouse about it more if you would like but would rather talk about Jacoby....Ellsbury that is, not the other guy, and not my kid, who is NOT named after the other guy, but rather after all that?

Latest Ellsbury's to hit the binder after the rip card got away...

Happy 4th of July....late. This is the one commemorative patch that I wantded from the set. I really like the patches from Series One much better, but you can't beat Boston, Ellsbury, and some crazy CHP's glasses going on.

Topps Finest Green Jacoby Refractor. I received this in trade. Finest is most shiny!

Still the centerpiece of my Jacoby collection, but sorely missing his 2010 counterpart is an unripped Jacoby 2008 Ginter Rip Card. To remain unripped so long as I am the owner and until I hand it to my son for his collection some day.

Ah! I discovered this subset in my one and only box of 2008 Ginter, still my favorite set of the several years of Ginter fun.
Got any random Jacoby's (Ellsbury's) clogging up your collection? Let me know!

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