Friday, July 23, 2010

Some disturbing news...


No better way to draw you into a post, eh? No I am nervous because I gotta deliver the goods...

Topps Allen and Ginter is full of wonderful surprises each and every year. You never know when the next hidden variation is going to pop up and become the next craze.

One of the most popular of staples of parallels each year is the Topps mini 1/1 wooden cards. These are truly one of the most unique of all cards and go for massive dollars on eBay. I have always wanted to find one of these beauties, regardless of the card subject, just to say that I have one.

But then I hear a dirty little rumor about the wooden cards. Perhaps I am one of the last to hear such things because I am neither an experienced collector, nor have my own (live) eyes ever laid themselves on a wood card.

Wanna know the truth?

They aren't wooden at all!

Nope, in the precious 1/1 unique, fabulous, sell-my-milk-money-for-a-month cards are actually just regular cards with a wooden design photoshopped over the top of the image. REALLY? This is very discouraging new indeed. But hell, instead of crying in my pillow, I figured I might as well have a little fun with it.

With the concepts of Mike and the muscle of Joe at Priceless Pursuit we proudly introduce you to several designs that we feel Topps should seriously consider for the 2011 set..

Bacon mini! Yadier Molina proudly sports a card made purely of the! Glorious sizzling bacon really bring out the qualities of this card and is sure to be any carnivorous collectors top must-have card of 2011. I also recommend a nice bacon-scent...but alas this may encourage pack searching by dogs, raccoons, bears, and Bigfoot.

Bubble gum mini! Nate McLouth is sported out on the card you can chew! As you are hard at work placing that shin-shoo-choo base card between your bike spokes, pop in a refreshing piece of McClouth before riding to the ol' hobby shop to drop more money on that Strasburg that you will never pull.

Banana mini! Produced with only the finest from our tropic jungles, enjoy this card on an ice cream sundae, or on toast with peanut butter. Just make sure to enjoy it quickly before it turns brown and attract fruit flies and is only good in banana bread.

So the next time you read a forum post where people are nervous about bending a rip card because they don't want to accidentally "snap" the wood card in half, have a little chuckle knowing that they have never seen a wood card either.

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