Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Latest Nine

In actually following suit with the theme of the website, I thought it might be necessary to actually display some evidence that I am making some headway in my mission....therefore, I give you my latest 9...

2009 ( and sadly, most likely the last year) Goodwin Champions relics.

I really disliked these relics when I first pulled them from boxes, but as a group they actually look pretty nice. I love Goodwin because you can absolutely make out like a bandit finding this stuff on Ebay. For absolutely ridiculous reasons this product was not very well received, and "value" of the cards plummeted. Their loss is my gain. Take a looksy.

The cool part of this nine is that a good portion of these came via trade, which is a dying art in my household these days. Vlad is part of my rainbow that is just missing a foil card, Shields was the final piece. Probably the Martinez and Utley are my faves.
I just somehow found a way to find my 9th and final SP Legendary cut relic last night, so I should have that post up soon!


  1. Agreed, this is where the 9 project really pays dividends. They look super cool together.