Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who is your Shin Shoo Choo?

So as I was watching the Sox play against Cleveland last night, I saw Shin Shoo Choo and it brought back memories of all the Shin Shoo Choo relics that I have pulled in the last year (like the one below, of which I have pulled this card on three separate occasions and decided to finally just keep one). I can't seem to get away from this guy.

My second Choo is Vlad Guerrero. I practically pulled the rainbow of Vlad in Goodwin (am still missing the foil if anybody has it), SP Legendary cuts, Topps 2009, Sweet Spot 2009, Topps unique, and SP authentic. He is actually probably more my Choo than Choo himself.
Thirdly, but no pictured is Howie Kendrick. Definitely had my fair share of Kendrick float past my hands.

These are just guys that are destined to always show up in my packs.

So the question goes out to you...who is your Choo?


  1. Hmmm... I buy most of my relics individually, but I always seem to get Angels and Dodgers. Chad Billingsley shows up in every Sweet Spot box break ever.

  2. Used to be Derek Jeter inserts in the early 2000' is David Ortiz plain swatches.

  3. I wrote a post on this long ago and it still applies: Carlos Lee, Carlos Lee, Carlos Lee.

  4. I end up with Luke Hochevar, so much I collect him now. PS NIGHT OWL. Shoot me an email about your Lee troubles. I have stuff for you, and can take some Lee off your hands, along with any Pence you got :) email me at Also, JD sorry for trade negotiations on your comments. :)

  5. I charge 25 cents per successful transaction :)

  6. Glen Perkins...I've pulled four freakin autos and I didn't want 'em, still don't.