Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Matinee Madness!

There is a wide offering of early games today on get-away day for those of you camping around a television or a computer screen. You know you love baseball when you can sit in front of a computer screen and literally watch stats appears on the screen. Not a lot else going on there, but if you are into the numbers, it is a dream.

While there are some great matchups today, Leake vs Paulino for one (that is a joke, BTW) there is a hands-down winner in this contest and that is the Phillies vs the Giants and... this guy versus....

This guy. Perhaps you have heard of these two slingers. Lets go to the tale of the tape.
Cole Hamels has been roughed up to start the season with a 5.11 ERA, and a 2-2 record, but does have 26 K's to his credit. It does not help that he has a rough and tumble 10.80 ERA hanging over him at AT&T park last year and a 5.44 daytime ERA and a (are you ready for this)...0-6 record in day games last season. One more interesting little nugget is that Cole Hamels has given up 7 HR's this year, five of those coming to the 3-5 hitters on a squad...the meat of the SF lineup.
Tim Lincecum has started off freakishly well and sits at 4-0 with 32 K's and a nice and even 1.00 ERA. While he certainly did not have his best stuff in his last start, Lincecum showed poise and was able to work out of several jams in the early innings and cruised after that. In my opinion, if SF can stake Lincecum a three run lead, that is about all he needs to settle in and go on cruise control. Lincecum has a 1.39 ERA in two day starts for the Giants, and a 1.93 ERA at AT&T park, the ONLY park he has given up an earned run (3) yet. In two matchups last season against the Phillies last season, Lincecum came away with a win and a loss and a 1.20 ERA.
Giants go for the sweep, and Lincecum looks for his fifth straight decision (and win?) at 12:45 pacific.
UPDATE: This just in...Tim Lincecum is a BEAST....Brian not. After a glorious 8.1 innings of 3 hit, 1BB 11K, 2 ER performance by the Freak, "Hey Mr. Wilson" came in and promptly loaded up the bags and gave up a 3-run single to Jason Worth to blow the save and the Lincecum win. Way to be!

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